I appreciate our mom’s cooling plan

My mom finally found a current man that genuinely has his life together; She has easily met some lost souls on her travels to find someone new.

I appreciate our mom plus will always support her no matter what but at times I question her judgment on boys until she met Michael.

She has been with Michael for several months now plus he is just the greatest, then he helps our mom with anything plus he even helps myself and others with our schoolwork. He is the “half glass full” style of person. He has a lovely condo with an indoor pool in the backyard, two dogs that he personally trained plus his condo has central a/c! At our house, all the two of us have is a portable cooling system plus it only keeps our living room cool, then my mom plus I go there often these days, pretty much bi-weekly so I am slightly expecting us to move there soon. He has a smart control equipment plus provided myself and others the information to put on our PC so I can control the temperature when they are out on a date plus yup he leaves myself and others in his condo alone. I am fifteen after all! I can see this lasting quite some time plus I am easily proud of our mom! No more drug addicts, no more eating pizza every day plus especially no more odory guys. As I sit on his couch smiling feeling the cool sensation from the a/c I finally feel our mom plus I are in a great site. Maybe the two of us should move in now.


a/c professional