School had to repair the A/C equipment

I suppose schools usually don’t have a lot of money, however you would guess they would invest it in vital things, enjoy heating and air conditioner, then for some reason, it seems schools guess that HVAC is just a luxury and that the students and lecturers don’t entirely need it… This is incredibly annoying, and I suppose that I am not the only 1 who has experienced this issue, and my cousin’s youngsters are going through the exact same thing, and they go to an entirely strange school! Ever since the cooling system broke down, our youngsters have been utterly miserable.

They practically rush cabin to get inside the sweet A/C filled home.

They have even asked me on more than 1 occasion to stay home, which is unlike them. That is how terrible it has gotten, then not only that, however their grades have severely decreased as well; I imagine it is strenuous for them to learn in a sizzling and covered in sweat environment! I’m sure it is strenuous for the lecturers to teach as well. The rapidly increasing temperatures outside are already in the 90s, so they easily need the A/C! I ended up talking to some of the other parents, and they noticed the same issue in their youngsters as well. Both of us all agreed to call the school and complain, and I even got a few lecturers onboard too! After all the complaints, and 1 threat of lawsuit from a parent that had his child get warm and faint, the school finally did something. A month later, there was a new cooling system in the school, and our youngsters were back to normal.

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