Six heating devices in the bag

Wow that sea was a cold one today.

I normally don’t get my head wet when I go in the cold sea but this time the waves were so giant that they toppled over my head to break the cardinal rule.

I am still shaking here in our office while I try to write with shivering hands and numb stiff fingers. I guess it will take about another hour till the shake subsides a bit and I can resume my normal typing speed. I have about three more hours and then my friend and I have to go back to the beach. My heating as well as air conditioning worker friend has a kid who I am training on the beach and then my friend and I will come home next to our gas furnace for a night of relaxation. I could go visit a friend to play some board games at her cabin, but it is so cold out after the sun goes down that I just want to be home and warm. If I had some kind of heating device on my bike then the trip to her flat wouldn’t be so poor, but I have no heating or air conditioning system on my bike to keep me warm, and it is actually the opposite with the air conditioned temperature control of mother nature cooling myself and others down. I am going to be playing music with our bandmate tomorrow and I want to be well rested for that so my friend and I can come up with some new music and sounds. He is a heating specialist and works by morning at the heating and air conditioning supplier doing smart control unit sales and whatnot.

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