Traveling with an RV beats hotel rooms with bad AC

When I was a kid, my parents traveled with my siblings and I almost every single year.

  • It was a lot of fun when we got to go out west and see the Rocky mountains or the deserts of the Southwest.

But, I was never a fan of the long trips across the Great plains sitting in the car for hours at a time and wondering when we would eventually stop to sleep for the night. I honestly preferred sleeping in tents compared to sleeping in cheap motel rooms that smelled like nasty moldy bathrooms. Believe it or not, but a good portion of cheap or “affordable” hotel rooms across the country feature this exact type of aroma when you walk inside with your room key. It turned me off from traveling for years because I knew I would hate the experience unless I could afford a four-star hotel or higher. The issues go farther than just the bad smell of the rooms. Many of them have terrible air conditioners and heaters in them. If you’re lucky you’ll have access to a dedicated room a/c or window a/c, but often the ones we used when my family traveled were terrible. The rooms would be stuffy and hot during the summer and unbelievably cold in the winter, unless we traveled to a warmer climate. Having an RV at this age is amazing—I feel like I never have to gamble on bad hotel rooms again with poor air conditioning and heat. My RV has a strong air conditioner and heater inside. The RV even came with a smart thermostat that syncs with my computer and my cell phone. I can control the air conditioner and heater remotely, as well as when I’m away from the RV.

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