Creative solution for air conditioning

If you are unlucky enough to not have air conditioning during the summer, perhaps you would like some tips on ways to stay cool. As someone who has always disliked the heat, I am always seeking new ways to stay cool, the only exception being when it is winter, for obvious reasons. One of the best ways I have found to stay cool during the summer and spring, is to have a portable air conditioning system. A portable cooling machine is a great back up, if you ever have trouble with your central air conditioning system. Most portable HVAC machines are also not expensive, and portable,so you can bring them wherever you go. Some of them can even cool as well as a central air conditioning machine! But those tend to be the more expensive ones. If you can’t afford to buy anything, then sometimes just using a spray bottle works. Pour cold water in a spray bottle and give yourself a light mist, then rest in front of a fan, and you will notice a huge difference! With these two tips, I have survived many summers without breaking a sweat, and it is perfect. If you live in a fairly mild climate, without blazing summers, you may not even need to use these tips. Obviously, having your central HVAC device is the best option, but since that is not always possible, hopefully these tips will help you stay cool in the summer time as well as it helped me.



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