Excited to try the modern air filters

After using disposable air filters for the longest time I’m honestly looking forward to giving modern air filters a try, then i have decided that I’m going to try washable air filters.

I did not even mean to beginning using washable air filters, what happened was I went down to my local heating in addition to A/C store to pick up some disposable air filters as I normally do; Only to find that when I got there that they were completely out of the disposable air filter in addition to stock I did not know anything about washable air filters in addition to how they worked in addition to so I decided to ask a heating in addition to A/C girl that was nearby what they were for in addition to how they worked.

This Heating, Ventilation in addition to A/C professional was honestly nice in addition to she explained to me everything that I needed to know about washable air filters, and after hearing some of the benefits I knew that I wanted to try them! Besides, it’s not like I could get my disposable air filters anyways, then so I went ahead in addition to I picked up some of the air filters. I picked up three of the disposable air filters in addition to I started using them right away. The old air filter that I took out of my heating in addition to A/C in addition to it was honestly dirty in addition to I was happy to put a clean one in it. It took a couple months before the washer filter got dirty however when it did get dirty that has when the magic happened. Because of what I did, I took it out, cleaned it off thoroughly in addition to after that I put it straight back into the heat in addition to A/C unit. I thought it was honestly neat that I could go in addition to reuse the air filters. This was not something that I was used to, however even though they cost a little bit more I found myself liking these filters over the disposable ones in addition to I think I’m going to stick with these instead.


a/c rep