Seasonal allergies may be exacerbated by HVAC systems

Spring is both a blessing and a curse.

It’s a gift because this time of year is when everything comes to life.

The flowers are in bloom, the trees are covered in green leaves, and the bees are actively pollinating. Although the season can be lovely, it is also a nightmare for me. My seasonal allergies always worsen in the spring. There isn’t much I can do about a high pollen count. Everywhere the pollen accumulates. I can see it on my car, and I’m sure it’s also on my outdoor clothing. I’ve learned over the past couple of years that my HVAC system allows pollen to circulate inside my house as well. I used to sneeze and itch at night, and since I was in my house, I didn’t know why. Then, after talking to my friend Lisa, she suggested that the pollen in my HVAC system might be the cause of my allergies acting up. There are many ways that pollen can enter the house, including through windows, doors, pets, clothing, and more. Additionally, pollen can occasionally accumulate within the HVAC system’s ductwork and cause seasonal allergies. When the A/C blows, it can also spread pollen particles already in the air around my house in addition to the pollen inside the unit. It undoubtedly explains the allergy symptoms I experience at night. Since then, I’ve had my ductwork cleaned, and I’m keeping my doors and windows closed in the spring. Although I can’t completely stop pollen from moving around inside my house, I can definitely do something to reduce the amount that does.

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