The HVAC sector is severely understaffed

It’s absurd to look around the world and see how difficult it is to find qualified candidates for many jobs.

There is a labor shortage in the HVAC industry, in case you were unaware. My son is an HVAC technician for a significant HVAC company in the area, so I am aware of this. Additionally, in order to meet the demand, he has been working more than 12 hours per day. The pandemic, in which many technicians chose to retire early or resign, was to blame for the shortage. There haven’t been enough technicians to keep up with the industry’s rapid growth, which has also occurred. A $35 million market is anticipated for the sector by 2030 as it will continue to expand. With such rapid growth, many HVAC providers are providing incentives to their technicians, and certain regions of the country are actively seeking HVAC specialists from abroad. In order to meet the demand, my son will actually be going to the west coast of the nation soon. His employer, which is experiencing a severe shortage in that region of the nation, has been using its technicians to address the problem. The company will pay for my son’s living expenses in addition to giving him a pay raise that is two times what he currently receives. Since he will only be gone for three months, this deal was too good to pass up. I’m not sure if employees of other HVAC companies receive the same rewards. However, if the industry expands as anticipated and there is a shortage of certified HVAC technicians, these businesses will need to take action to address the problem.

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