The yurt I rented had climate control

My children will have their spring break in about a week.

The free week off from school is something they are undoubtedly looking forward to.

But now that I’m taking them on a trip, they’re even more thrilled. My kids enjoy being in nature because the state in which we live offers a lot of outdoor activities. We frequently visit our state parks, and one of them has some yurts that can be rented. If you are unfamiliar with yurts, they are essentially circular tents that were once inhabited by nomads. They come with excellent amenities and are more durable. My kids have always wanted to go “glamping,” which is defined as spending time in a yurt. As the wonderful parent that I am, I decided to reserve a yurt for the week. It is located in our favorite park and looks out onto a stunning lake. The yurt’s amenities, however, are its best feature. We can stay there comfortably for a week because it has air conditioning, a full kitchen, a bathroom, and everything else. The ability to control the climate was what I valued most. I’ve done some tent camping in the past, and after those trips I realized that I needed heating and cooling to fall asleep. Just because I’m not used to those circumstances, it’s not as comfortable for me. Although I am aware that staying in a climate-controlled yurt does not constitute camping, it is the closest thing to it for me. I get to sleep comfortably inside a climate-controlled yurt after enjoying the elements during the day. That’s a victory in my book, and I’m eagerly anticipating the start of spring break.