Cool bed and cold A/C is the best

There are many wonderful feelings in the world, and one of my favorites is being hot and laying down in a nice cool bed.

My office is less than a mile away from where I live, so I usually will walk there.

I figure it is a nice way to get some exercise and some fresh air. The only problem is the fact that it can be really hot outside sometimes. Especially summer and spring time. So by the time I make it to my office, I am all hot and sweaty. Thankfully, my office has a very efficient air conditioning machine. It is actually usually too cold there, and after an hour or so, I go from being overheated to being cold. The walk home isn’t much different, and my home’s central air conditioning is pretty great too. My favorite part is when I come home all hot and sweaty, and just crash in my cool bed. I turn the A/C on through my phone. I have a smart thermostat and I can control the air conditioning through an app. Then while laying in my cool bed, I feel the ice cold air of the air conditioning blow in my room. It feels fantastic, definitely one of the best feelings in the world. I usually cool down within 15 minutes, and I sometimes accidentally fall asleep because it is so comfortable. Sometimes it is the little pleasures in life that can be the greatest. The small things you always look forward to.

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