I didn’t tell you winter was over.

My wife was in a hurry for winter to end and summer to begin.

  • I came home last week, and she had the window air conditioners out of the basement.

There was an air conditioning unit in our bedroom, our daughter’s bedroom, and in her workroom. She was putting the air conditioning unit in the living room when I got home. I asked her what she was doing, and she rolled her eyes while asking me what it looked like. After kissing her cheek, I told her it looked like she was jumping the gun. I wasn’t sure winter had quite given up yet. I never considered putting the air conditioning units in the windows until at least mid-May. She impatiently told me it was eighty degrees outside, and she would not suffocate in her home. It was eight today, but tomorrow it was supposed to be in the forties. We had watched the weather report early this morning, but she must not have been paying attention to the weather. I know we have a goofy weather guy who acts more like a comedian with ADD, on speed, but he is usually right. If you can make it through his antics, you get to see the seven-day forecast at the end of his nonsense. She asked if I was going to help her with the air conditioning, and I said no. I didn’t tell her winter was over, and if she wanted to install the air conditioning unit, it was all on her. The next day she complained there was an icy breeze blowing in around the AC unit.


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