I’m not sure the thermostat can handle these temperature changes.

I don’t know who was having a more difficult time dealing with these up and down temperatures.

  • My thermostat was old, and I was afraid it was going to fail on us, but my wife was going crazy.

She wanted me to get a new thermostat, because she didn’t know if it was winter or summer. I had a thermostat that adjusted to the outside temperature and gave us climate control. If it was humid, the dehumidifier would adjust to keep the humidity out of the house. The thermostat did the same with heat and lack of humidity from the cold. Our thermostat was one of the first climate control smart thermosts to come off the line, and it was getting old. I called the HVAC company and told them I wanted another climate control thermostat, and they sent an HVAC technician to the house. He brought the latest and greatest smart thermostat that gave us perfect climate control, and installed it before he left. He checked the furnace and air conditioning unit to make sure they were working. The best part of his visit was that since we had a maintenance agreement, all we had to pay for was the new thermostat. The temperatures are still mercurial, but it will soon be May. Once May comes along, the temperatures usually even out, and they are trending up for the next couple of months. All I will worry about then is the grumbles of my wife as she complains about the heat and how the air conditioning can’t keep up. She complains about the humidity and then she complains that the grumbles of the thunder kept her awake all night. I can’t wait for fall and winter, and it’s only April.

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