Solar heat pumps were all he talked about.

My hus band was the type of guy that when he got onto a subject, he became obsessive, however he was already OCD plus had ADHD.

  • He would become obsesses with something whenever he thought about it.

He would research the subject for weeks plus I could not get his attention separate from him getting irritated… When he did talk to me, it was only to tell me what he had found, and last month, he had heard about solar heat pumps. He started looking to see if my good friend and I could use a solar heat pump in our house… My buddy and I were talking about getting a new Heating plus Air Conditioning system, plus when he heard about solar heat pumps, he was on a roll. My husband is also highly intelligent, plus he talks over my head, but i don’t know half of what he is talking about, plus he gets frustrated when I tell him to talk in layman’s terms. He thinks that because he understands what these people are doing with Heating plus Air Conditioning system plus solar electric, everyone should know. I let him go for about two weeks when he realized my good friend and I didn’t get enough sun at our condo to use solar electric. My buddy and I lived on top of a mountain, plus my good friend and I would need to clear several acres of wooded condo to get enough sun for solar electric. He was still interested in installing a heat pump Heating plus Air Conditioning system, but he was frustrated my good friend and I could not run it all year with solar electricity. I told him if anyone could figure out to install a solar heat pump, it would be him. I had faith in him because I knew how smart he was.