The HVAC technician said it wasn’t luck, but experience.

I was talking to the HVAC technician last week, while he was working on the air conditioning unit.

Mom always allowed me to go outside when the HVAC technician was here.

He arrived to do the inspection and service on the air conditioning unit to make sure it was ready for summer. I enjoyed watching him and talking to him so much that I actually thought I may someday be an HVAC technician. When inspecting the air conditioning unit, he noticed a small crack in one of the fan blades. He told me that if the fan blades weren’t working right, it could cause the fan motor to overheat, which would cause a lot of problems. I thought it was lucky that he had found the crack in the fan blade. He laughed and told me there was no luck about it. He had so much experience working on air conditioning units it stood out like a sore thumb. The man really impressed me with his knowledge of HVAC, which made me even more sure that someday I would be an HVAC technician. I told mom I had decided about my career after graduation. Before I could say anything, she told me I was going to be an HVAC technician. I couldn’t figure out how she knew what I was going to say, but she told me she was my mom and she had heard me make that statement every time the HVAC technician was at the house. I didn’t realize how many times I had told mom I wanted to be an HVAC technician, but it had to be more times than I remembered.


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