Decided to get an Heating plus A/C repair plan after a grueling train ride

Yesterday, my partner & I got up early to go volunteer at an animal shelter.

My friend and I spent about four hours walking the dogs until it got too tepid to continue.

My friend and I had a nice cup of Starbucks Latte in the shade with the workers & then headed off to the beach to have dinner. As soon as my friend and I arrived at the beach, my friend and I took a dip in the sea & felt nice & refreshed afterwards. My friend and I then had dinner & a long nap under the sun. I was so relaxed that I almost forgot I had a theater class. I said goodbye to my bestie & dogs & rushed to theater class. By the time I arrived, I was perspiring like crazy, so I was relieved to find that the a/c was on. I drank about three cups of water & got on with the class. After the class had finished, I had to catch the train back to my flat. The train was full of people, & the cooling system was barely noticeable. It is no wonder so multiple people complain about this exhausting transportation supplier. Not only are the trains always late, but they don’t even have common Heating plus A/C equipment. With sweat pouring down my face & aromay people surrounding me, I was starting to feel miserable. I couldn’t wait to get back to my flat’s central a/c, and finally, when my stop arrived, I took a deep breath of fresh air & was even relieved to be out in the stifling heat. This made me realize how important it is to have a common heating & cooling system, & I made a mental note to myself to get an Heating plus A/C repair plan as soon as I arrived at my flat.


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