He said a dragon broke the AC unit.

My five-year-old is a bit of a bruiser.

He has more strength than his eight-year-old brother, and he is almost as tall.

My boys were outside playing last week when I heard a loud thump. I didn’t hear any screams, nor did anyone come running in. Their father was outside with the boys, and I thought he would keep them under control. Two minutes later, my five-year-old came inside. He told me he was sorry and started crying. I wanted to know what happened. He said a dragon broke the AC unit, and it was all his fault. He called his dragon to come help protect him. The dragon got blinded by daddy’s flashlight and ran into the air conditioner when he landed. I walked outside and asked my husband what Jason was talking about. Brandon came over and told me everything was fine, and dad had it under control. I looked at my husband again, and asked what Brandon was talking about, and why Jason thought a dragon broke our air conditioning unit. He bit his lip and told me everything was under control. I looked over, and the air conditioner was definitely in rough shape. My husband went into the garage and brought out a helicopter he had made to look like a dragon from the movie. Jason had grabbed the remote control and flew the ‘dragon’ into the air conditioning unit. There was no actual damage except for cosmetically. I reminded my husband he was still just a little boy, and he had no business with a remote control when he was flying a four-foot dragon.

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