I wasn’t happy with my new air conditioner.

After days of listening to her, I finally relented.

I have never had anything but window air conditioning units. They are all I had when I lived with my parents, and they are all we had when I moved into the house. I didn’t want anything but window air conditioning units, until my younger sister moved in with me. She insisted we should have central air conditioning. I owned the house, and I shouldn’t have let her sway me, but she was my sister. She told me how many times she had begged mom and did to put central air conditioning into the house. Mom and dad refused, but now they were instal central air conditioning because they were selling the house and moving into a 50+ community. She didn’t have anywhere to live, so I invited her to live with me until she could afford to get her own apartment. Now, she was insisting on me getting central air conditioning. I told her I couldn’t afford it, but she didn’t care. She told me I owned the home, and it was my responsibility to have a comfortable home. Central air conditioning would make my home more comfortable. After days of listening to her, I finally relented. I had central air conditioning installing and I was not happy. The new air conditioning not only made my home less comfortable, but it cost me more to run than my window air conditioning units. The worst part was she left to live with her boyfriend only a week after I bought central air conditioning. I was angry at her, and she knew it.

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