My husband backed into the air conditioning unit.

I shook my head & told him no

I knew I shouldn’t have laughed, however my husband is consistently talking about how badly I drive. He thinks it is funny to see me make mistakes, despite the fact that he doesn’t suppose he makes any. Last week, he was flustered about something that happened at work. He was pulling into the driveway & annoyed because I hadn’t parked the car correctly. He readjusted his angle for pulling in. I heard him rev up, however before I could look out I heard a sound. My eyep were closed, & I was waiting for him to start screaming for me. When I looked where the car was rammed into the air conditioning, I lowered my head. I didn’t want him to see the brightness of my eyep, or the laughter I was trying to hold in. With just a hint of sarcasm, I looked at him & asked who was the awful driver now, then ran into the house. He didn’t come into the property for almost an hour, but I knew he was in the car. I called the Heating & Air Conditioning company & asked them to send someone out to look at the air conditioning unit. I could not keep from laughing when the secretary asked what happened. I’m sure everyone knew about my husband’s temper & now they knew about his driving into the air conditioner unit. What is absolutely funny, is that his best neighbor was the Heating & Air Conditioning specialist they sent to inspect the air conditioning unit. When Harry pulled in, my husband asked if I asked for him. I shook my head & told him no. I guessed it was fortune that Harry would be the one to look at the air conditioning unit.

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