My mom gets mad when my dad tries to fix the HVAC system

My mom always gets mad whenever my dad tries to fix things around the house.

It’s not because she doesn’t want to save money or anything like that, though.

It’s because my dad tears everything up that he touches! I know that sounds terrible, but my dad just doesn’t know how to fix things at all. He likes to pretend that he knows how to do home repairs and things like that, but he really does not. I think that he wants to impress my mom with his knowledge of things, but she is already wise to the fact that my dad doesn’t know what he’s doing. The last time that he tried to fix something at their house, she ended up kicking him out of the bedroom for a week! Dad was trying to fix the central air conditioning system in their house, even though my mom told him not to touch it. She wanted to call the local HVAC company because the weather was already heating up outside. My dad insisted that he could fix the A/C himself. The whole thing escalated into a great big fight whenever my dad ended up tearing the A/C up even worse than it was to begin with. My mom just wanted the A/C system to start working again and she didn’t care who got it started again! My dad hemmed and hawed about it because he really wanted to fix the A/C himself. However, the A/C didn’t start working and my dad made the problem worse. My mom got so mad at him!


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