No one knew what happened to the HVAC technician.

The person who answered the phone said he was on his way

My neighbor and I had HVAC appointments on the same day. She and I had been talking and I told her I had to call and get an appointment to have my air conditioning unit serviced. She told me she had to do the same thing, but it took so long for them to come to the house. We thought that if we called and requested the same day, we would get service more quickly. If the HVAC company had more than one appointment in the same area, they should be more likely to come to the house and do the servicing quickly. I called first and told Lydia when my appointment was. She then called the HVAC and told them she lived next door, and asked if they could service both of us on the same day. Her appointment was set up for an hour after mine. I assumed that gave the HVAC technician time to do all the paperwork for my AC unit, and then he would work on his. We didn’t know there was someone across the street that called at the same time. On the day of my servicing, I waited for almost two hours past my appointment time. When the HVAC technician hadn’t arrived, I called the HVAC company and asked what had happened. The person who answered the phone said he was on his way. I called my neighbor, but she hadn’t yet heard from the HVAC. It seemed that no one knew what happened to the HVAC technician, until we saw him pull out of a driveway halfway down the street from us.