The temperature settings on the thermostat were at 68 degrees

The control device settings in the modern gym that Marshall is going to are just way too cold.

He doesn’t understand what the matter is with the temperature out there in the gym, but Marshall does know for a fact that people who are normal are never going to want to go to the gym for any of their programming if they do not do something about the temperature there.

Something is wrong, that’s for sure. The last time that Marshall went out into the gym, the temperature settings on the control device were at 68 degrees. He feels like that is normal. It’s not too sizzling and it’s not too cold. At least in his opinion, it’s not too sizzling or too cold. However, the people who were out in the gym that day were complaining about the fact that the gym was freezing. They said that it was so frigid there that they felt like they could even see their breath. Marshall didn’t think it felt all that cold, personally, however all the people were griping and complaining about it all so much that he felt like he should go over and check on the control device settings. The digital readout on the control device said that it was set at 72 degrees like normal, however the actual temperature reading was 66 degrees. Marshall thinks that the people in the gym weren’t crazy after all. He didn’t think it was that cold because he wasn’t out there for long at all. When you’re in there for a while it can begin to get to you if you don’t have a jacket.

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