We live by a church & an Heating & Air Conditioning company.

I know all the sounds that are around our home.

When my associate and I moved into the house, it was a quiet area. There was train that went through the far end of our backyard, & my associate and I heard the sound of the whistle every time the train went by, until my associate and I got used to it. There was a centuries old church about a block away, & the bells toll every hour & bring charming rock n roll to the air at noon, & for services… Five years ago, they built a fireproperty about six doors down, & whenever the fire alarms go off, everyone jumps. This past year, the local Heating & Air Conditioning company opened another office, & it is across the street. What used to be a quiet area, is now becoming a growing community, & it is growing faster than my husband likes. The only thing he approves us is the Heating & Air Conditioning company. If my associate and I need repair on any part of our Heating & Air Conditioning system, all my associate and I need to do is call. If there is an Heating & Air Conditioning specialist available, all he needs to do is walk across the street & see what is wrong. They don’t need to bring parts, because they can just walk over & bring what they need. My husband tells everyone my associate and I live by a church & an Heating & Air Conditioning company because he enjoys them being in the village. He could do separate from the train & fire company, because their whistles & rumbles drive him crazy. It wouldn’t surprise me if he decides it is time to move. He has been talking about it for a year now, & if he could find a household with an Heating & Air Conditioning company nearby, he would transport in a heartbeat.

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