Learning a language with air conditioning

I had some Spanish semi-friend tell me “toma algo” in my friend’s wine store the other day when I was leaving, which meant drink something, but it didn’t register till I got home and realized she wanted me to stay there and drink wine with them.

My Spanish is horrible though and I thought she said take something and I was confused.

She probably thinks I didn’t want to drink with them as I walked out soon after. I will see her again and drink a glass of wine with her next time, and maybe see if her local business can help me learn the language in her air conditioned office. I like the lady but she speaks zero English, and anytime they speak Spanish to me I get lost quickly. Maybe she could come to the HVAC company one day when I am working and help me learn the language as I work on heat pumps or thermostats. Anyway, this morning I was rudely awakened by yet another sore throat, as I just got rid of one a few weeks ago. This HVAC tech got me to eat a bunch of sweets this weekend and sugar is not good for my immune system, so now I will sit in my air conditioning and just try to get my work done slowly. I’m feeling a bit down today because of this sore throat that I just got rid of and thought it would be gone for years. My air purifier is going to run all day so that the dust and pollen don’t bother me.

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