Monday with the cooling system

The market is closed today and that is probably a good thing after what happened on Friday.

I was all happy that my stock was finally going up for the past six weeks but it all got negated with some bad news late Friday night.

We were up to almost 50 cents a share and after the bad news we are now back down to 28 cents and share and they say it may drop a lot more tomorrow when the market opens. Whatever, I will keep holding and I may even buy some more tomorrow when the local business cuts me a check for the HVAC tech work I’ve done over the past month. I had a dentist appointment for tomorrow but I had to cancel it after waking up this morning with a sore throat and sinus infection. The cooling system specialist was sick the other day in the heating dealership and I think I caught it from him. So today I am going to get this writing work done and then hop in my bed with a good book and my two cats for a long day of rest. The cooling supplier is closed this whole week so I don’t have to worry about doing my duct cleaning work like I normally do and risk getting sicker from all of the dust that I inhale. I want to go visit my friend Mary but I don’t want to get her sick, so I am going to quarantine myself for the next few days and sit beside my air purifier.


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