I want to ask my pal about air cleaners

I’ve been feeling down lately & I don’t really know why, however it’s particularly a combination of the heat & the fact that I don’t have a household of my own, but my partner & I have been searching for RVs for months but we’ve found nothing affordable. That means that my associate and I have to stay in my partner’s mom’s household until my associate and I find one, however living with my mother-in-law is not easy at all, & I long to have my own space. Having the cleaning lady around is also a challenge, identifiably when I’m trying to work, as she’s constantly making noises with the hoover & her exhausting reggaeton songs. The cooling system doesn’t work either, which makes it even harder to work because it’s boiling & stuffy here & the Heating, Ventilation, & A/C tech is gonna come soon & further distract me from my work. I can’t wait to get it done & head off to the beach & have a beer near the cooling system with my pal. He works for the household comfort supplier & I would like to ask him about air cleaners to improve my indoor air quality, which is particularly exhausting because my associate and I live in the center of the neighborhood where they are doing a lot of construction work, & my associate and I are getting dust & debris in the cabin constantly. Me & my pal might play songs near a local business, as my associate and I hope to get yearly gigs in temperature-controlled locales around town. We have already secured some gigs at a ski resort in the mountains in clubs with awesome fireplaces!
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