Being freezing putting up the Christmas lights

Earlier this week I had helped my mom put up our Christmas lights finally. I am so delighted my associate and I finally got to put up our Christmas lights outside, and even though our Christmas lights are put up outside it does not mean my associate and I get to turn them on yet. I would be turning them on if I could. I prefer Christmas so much. It was kind of a pain to have to put up the Christmas lights outside this week. It was rather cold. I entirely needed to wear gloves. However it was too cold outside and the task was hard to wear gloves. So I could not wear gloves. I had to labor it out with the weather. I was thinking about going inside the entire time. I just wanted to stick my hands in front of the heater. I could have taken a break. However I just wanted to get all of the lights up and taken care of! When I finished putting up the lights outside, I ran right inside. I sat right in front of the air vent! Luckily for me the boiling air started coming out at that right moment, but boiling air felt so relaxing on my hands. My hands had practically gone numb from being outside. I hope that when my associate and I go to take them down in the Springtime, it will be much warmer outside. I am sure it is much easier to take them down than to put them up. It always seems like it is easier to really put things up. However I suppose this will be much easier to take them down. At least I am hoping so.
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