My partner plus I prefer to go camping. My associate and I my associate and I first started dating it was straight-forward for us to get away all the time plus escape into the woods. My associate and I have been married about fifteen years now plus have three kids so that makes it a little bit harder to get away now. However, my associate and I are lucky to have both of our parents close by so they are able to help watch the kids plus my associate and I can get away almost once a month, but our parents prefer that they are able to spend the whole weekend with the kids so it’s easily a win win for us. My associate and I have a couple of camping spots that my associate and I love, however recently my associate and I have been trying a lot of new campgrounds plus this weekend my associate and I are going to try a new spot. The new spot is up in the mountains so I know that it is going to be colder than my associate and I are used to. I decided to go out a purchase a portable space furnace that does not require any electricity to work. It works off solar panels plus has battery back up. I know that my partner is going to be so happy about the portable furnace because she gets cold easily easily. I am going to wait until one evening when it is easily cold to bring out the portable space heater. I can’t wait to see her face when she realizes what I got us for our camping adventures! My partner is going to prefer that she can keep nice plus hot even when my associate and I are on the road.


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