Heating and A/C disaster

I live in a small home with my best friend, however my pal and I rent and have been living in the same equipment for about two years now! I actually like our home and our proprietor is actually easy to work with. My pal and I don’t normally have any complications with our home and just go about our day not worrying about anything, and however, that all changed two weeks ago. I woke up in the middle of the night to go to the powder room and slipped on a giant puddle in the middle of the hallway. I was so confused and was wonder where the water came from. I turned on the hallway light and realized that the water was coming from the closet where our Heating and A/C system was located. I knew immediately this wasn’t going to be an easy complication to fix, although I just cleaned up the water and waited until the morning so I could call my proprietor about the leaking Heating and A/C unit. In the morning, I called my proprietor and she had a Heating and A/C worker out to our home before supper time. I was glad that she was so responsive and I hope that the Heating and A/C worker would be able to figure out what the complication was rather hastily! The Heating and A/C worker said the leaking water was caused by a jammed air filter. She recommended that my pal and I change the air filter every three months in order to avoid this complication in the future. My pal and I thought our proprietor might be angry about this, however she wasn’t at all. My pal and I are just going to have to be more careful in the future when it comes to our Heating and A/C system.


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