Staying cool in the world

I have lived in the south my entire life plus I could not imagine ever living anywhere else.

The people are nicer, the tea is sweeter plus the sun’s constantly shining.

It is strenuous to know about moving anywhere else because my entire family is here. I went away for college plus swore that was the last time I was going to ever live anywhere else, but one thing about living in the south is that it is constantly hot. I know that to some people that sounds like a nice thing however sizzling is the south is a completely weird ball game. The humidity is like no other plus it is almost impossible to not sweat every time you walk outside. However, there are a couple of things that you can to do stay cool while living in the south without cutting the bank. One thing I constantly do is have an a/c window component in my bedroom, that way I can turn off the central air conditioner while I sleep plus when I am at work all morning. The cost of running your air conditioner while you are not at property is outrageous. The window air conditioner component has saved my life during the Summer plus also helped my piggy bank because I am not forking over all my strenuous received currency to pay the energy bill. I cherish living in the south plus I don’t ever plan on leaving so learning how to adapt to the sizzling weather is essential. I am sure I will pick up more tips along the way!



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