Too multiple visitors in my house

I have been staying property a lot due to the current pandemic that the world is facing.

I haven’t felt comfortable leaving my cabin in months plus multiple of my friends feel the same way, and however, I am genuinely ready to get back to my normal life plus I miss seeing people everyday, and so I decided that I was going to have a small party at the house.

I had to run my idea by my spouse because I didn’t want him to be uncomfortable with people in the house, although she was genuinely gleeful to see people! I told about ten people that my buddy and I wanted to have them over for supper plus all the people my buddy and I invited said they could come. I suppose people are just as ready as my buddy and I are to get back to normal life. However, there was one thing I didn’t suppose of when it came to having people over at the cabin plus that was the Heating plus Air Conditioning system. I haven’t genuinely turned on the Heating plus Air Conditioning system much because the weather outside has been appealing plus my buddy and I didn’t need any a/c to keep cool. However, with all these people in the cabin it started to become sizzling very hastily. I didn’t want our guests to sweat so I went over to the control component plus started to blast the air conditioner. Thankfully, no one said anything however I do feel like I am going to see a little spike in our electric bill next time.

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