Visiting my sisters

I am going to visit my parents this weekend; I am gleeful because I have not seen them in out six months, and this is not because I don’t want to however just because I have a crazy work schedule and three kids to deal with as well, however, it is time for the children to go visit their Grandparents, it really has been far too long, and my parents live about eight hours away, so it is not a quick drive my any means. It is also really hard to travel with three small children, however at least my partner will be able to make this trip with me, then last time he was unable to because he could not get away from work; While I do care about to see my parents, there is one thing that I am not super gleeful about. They live in a much older house than my pal and I do, they have paid it off so they are not interested in moving anytime soon. This old house also has a really old HVAC system. I feel they never change their air conditioning filter vents either so the air circulation in the house is almost non existent. It is really hard to breathe because the air feels so musty and dust is regularly swirling around. I don’t know why they are so keen on living like this, although I have tried time and time again to get them to call a HVAC corporation to come and update their heating and cooling system. They do not want to spend the money, although I recognize it is worth it to have a better air filtration system.


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