Winter power outage

Yesterday, I was watching the news and saw that there was a large storm in the middle of the ocean right of the coast from where I live. I don’t know how I missed this storm, I feel I have not been keeping up with the news like I should. However, it is now time to get ready because the storm is to make if the power goes out, then after this I rush house to make sure that my house is ready to withstand the strong wind that the storm is producing. I don’t have anyone to stay with me during so I hope that I don’t lose power. My main fear is that my HVAC system will turn off due to a power outage. I have asthma so I need the air inside my apartment to stay as crisp and scrub as possible. If the power goes out, I will not have anything to circulate the air through the filtration vents and the air will become stagnant. I rely on my air conditioner to help keep the air flow going. I frantically call my local HVAC corporation and ask if they will be making house calls during the storm. The HVAC technican just laughed at me and said that they will not be making any house calls until the storm has passed. This did not ease my mind about my heating and cooling issue. It entirely made everything worse. I did not know what I was going to do if the storm made my HVAC system turn off. I am hoping I can just find a acquaintance to stay with!



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