I yelled at the HVAC technician

I yelled at the HVAC technician, and now, I feel bad about yelling at the HVAC technician. I was having a pretty tough day, and I took it out on the HVAC technician for taking too long to fix my central air conditioner. That was what really ticked me off. I was so frustrated that the central air conditioner broke down again for the third time this summer. My central air conditioner is old, so I should expect the central air conditioner to break down a little more often, but that does not mean that I have to be cheerful when the central air conditioner breaks down. I called the HVAC technician to have him fix the central air conditioner. With the HVAC technician coming, that meant that I had to stay home from work and miss an entire day of pay. I was already frustrated when the HVAC technician came in and began working on the central air conditioner. My house was starting to get warm, and I was impatient. Normally, it takes the HVAC technician some time to fix the central air conditioner, and if he has to order a part, he has to schedule a time to come back to repair the central air conditioner. However, when the HVAC technician told me that we would have to order a part for the central air conditioner, I was very frustrated! I could not believe that I had to wait a few days for my central air conditioner to start working again. I was very frustrated, and I started yelling at the HVAC technician. It wasn’t his fault that I had to wait for a part to fix my central air conditioner, but I took it out on him. He was very gracious and patient, and that made me feel so much worse when I eventually calmed down and had to apologize.



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