My neighbor's house is so cold

My neighbor’s house is so cold.

I had never been to my neighbor’s house until last night. She invited me for dinner which was really nice of her. I had invited her to my house several times, and she told me that she wanted to invite me over, but it was hard to find the right time between our two work schedules. Well, I was finally able to go over to her house, and it was very nice except for the fact that it was super cold in her house. I don’t know why on earth she likes her house so cold, but it was like sixty degrees in her house. I am not exaggerating at all. It was literally sixty degrees because I checked the thermostat, and that is what it said. I didn’t mention to her that I thought her house was super chilly because I didn’t want to be rude. I was excited that she invited me over, but I was not comfortable at her house. Next time, I will have to invite her over to my house again because I really don’t want to go back over to her sixty-degree cold house. It was very nice, but if I ever do get invited over again, I am going to wear several layers of clothing. I may even wear a jacket. I think that she would get the hint then, but that would not be my goal. I don’t want her to be uncomfortable in her own house. I mean, she obviously likes her house to be very chilly.

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