The Air Filter Caused My Utility BIll To Increase

This Fall, I noticed a big shift in the way my HVAC system was running.

Typically, I like to hire an HVAC professional to come service my HVAC system before switching from my AC unit to my furnace and vice versa, which means I do this twice per year.

This year though, my schedule got really busy and I’ve hardly had a spare moment to relax, little yet remember to call the HVAC company and schedule an appointment. During the first cool week of the year, I turned on my furnace and expected my house to be heated efficiently and smoothly like it always does. However, after running the furnace for a month, I received my utility bill in the mail and couldn’t believe how much higher it was. I typically see an increase in my utility bill when I transition from my AC unit to my furnace, but this was much higher than normal. At that moment, I decided to put all my other obligations aside and call the HVAC company to come service my HVAC system. Thankfully, they were able to send an HVAC professional over that afternoon to survey the damage. When the HVAC professional was done, he told me that it was a good thing I’d called before any serious damage was done. The air filter desperately needed to be replaced, because it was blocking the air flow and causing my furnace to run harder than necessary. Having replaced it with a new filter, he said that my utility bill should return to a normal price.

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