Author: Alex

What type of fuel is best?

Knowing I had to get a new heating system for my home, I kept trying to figure out what type I wanted. I knew that I wanted something that was going to be energy efficient in fuel consumption and in heating. My question was; what type of fuel would be to obtain this goal? The […]

Can you tell me who to hire to clean my ductwork?

I bought an old house that had a surprisingly new HVAC system installed. I wanted to do all the work inside the house before I had the ductwork cleaned. The owner told me they hadn’t cleaned the ductwork, even when they had the new HVAC system installed. The HVAC company tried to talk them into […]

If you can’t keep them home, join them.

I love my wife, but it seems that all she ever does is work. Since I can’t keep her home with me, I decided that I had to do something with my time. I went back to school. I had found a course at the local college that sounded like it was just what I […]

The guy I met is the area’s fireplace king

I met a guy at a get together a couple of weeks ago plus I legitimately liked him. He was funny plus smart plus he was legitimately tall plus legitimately cute! I said yes when he asked myself and others out plus so far, all of us have been on a couple of dates. The […]