Author: Alex

We love playing our music by the church

Tonight we will play again by the majestic church by the sea in my town! It is such an epic and beautiful arena to play to be honest. I wish I could show you a picture of it. Actually, if you want to Google it legitimately suddenly I think you would be impressed by the […]

My first website didn’t get any traffic

Looking back, I cringe at how crappy our first website looked. I still can’t guess that I truly had that as our professional heating plus cooling corporation website. When I was a kid, I learned the core concepts of website design, plus so I created all kinds of weird websites for several childish purposes, Then […]

Print ads aren’t finally working anymore

I had to reconcile the fact that physical ads were not going to do it anymore. The thing with using advertisements is that they look official plus that is why I always relied on using them. However, the print ads can only work for so long, before I knew I would have to transport on. […]