Medicine gives myself and others honestly bad hallucinations

I’ve had heart problems most of my life, and I am used to it! Because of this, I have been prescribed different kinds of heart medicine.

I was on one kind of medicine for a long time, however recently, my heart pain has increased, so I was given a different stronger medicine.

The medicine works great, however there is one honestly large issue, this medicine gives myself and others honestly bad hallucinations. This medicine gives myself and others the creepiest of hallucinations too, not just normal ones like seeing a person that’s not there walk by. One hallucination I had just yepterday was animal-like eyep staring at myself and others from under my bed. Another was a dark grim reaper-like thing sitting next to my bed, facing me. One of the weirdest though, is honestly my Heating and A/C system. My Heating and A/C device is honestly in my kitchen, so when I am seeing TV, I saw movement from my air conditioner in the corner of my eye. When I looked, no joke however my air conditioning had a face and it was staring at me. It would stare at myself and others for several minutes, before saying in a raspy voice that I needed to repair it. It honestly creeped myself and others out, more than the other various hallucinations actually. It got to the point where I would creep around my air conditioner in hopes it wouldn’t see me, although I would always hear that official cackling and raspy voice. Sporadically it would whisper to myself and others to come closer. I decided to switch medicines after I saw the air conditioner move across my floor towards me. I’ll deal with some extra heart pain if I never have to see that crap again. Since being back to my outdated medicine, I have yet to have any concerns with my Heating and A/C. I did decide to get my air conditioner fixed though.

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Apparently size does matter

I was never the kind of person to do my respected research.

I suppose that sounds bad, although I never cared enough to do so, and I just relied on others opinions to decide for myself and others what I should get, however this method would usually work, however it didn’t this time, then when I wanted to get a new Heating and A/C system, I asked my neighbor what kind of air conditioner I should get.

I told him that my main interests were comfort and a cheap price, then so he recommended that I get a window air conditioner. Window air conditioner are cheap and fairly reliable. I thought it sounded like a good idea, so I had a Heating and A/C tech come out and install one for me. The Heating and A/C specialist warned myself and others that the window air conditioning device will not cool my entire condo efficiently, although I trusted my neighbor more than the Heating and A/C professional. I think I should have known better. Sure enough, the window cooling device was up and running, however it was only cooling one room, and maybe on a relaxing afternoon, various rooms, rather than my entire house. I complained to the Heating and A/C business, however they told myself and others there was nothing they could do since the Heating and A/C supplier already had warned me. So I then went over to my friend’s lake house and complained about how bad the cooling method worked, and he pointed to his window air conditioning and told myself and others it worked good. It then clicked, and of course the window cooling component was going to work good in his home, he lives in an apartment! His air conditioner only has too cool a room or various and that is it, my air conditioning has to cool my entire house! Apparently the size of your Heating and A/C honestly does matter.

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I was given terrible cooling system advice

I knew I shouldn’t have listened to our friend, then my associate Chris, while he is a wonderful guy, he seems to be a bit of a believe it all, or at least he thinks he is a believe it all, then about a month ago, I took his advice on our Heating plus Air Conditioning machine, plus I entirely regret that I did, and i was telling him about all of the heating plus cooling troubles I was currently experiencing, plus he told me that I should stop worrying plus that our Heating plus Air Conditioning unit wouldn’t fail.

I didn’t know him, although he kept reassuring me that all of the Heating plus Air Conditioning companies are just out to get your money, plus they tell you to get Heating plus Air Conditioning maintenance so they can get your money.

I was still skeptical, so he drove me over his locale plus showed me his ancient Heating plus Air Conditioning unit! He then proceeded to brag about how he had this same Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment for 6 years, plus has yet to have an issue. I asked him about the popping noises plus how our cooling system would commonly shut off during the day, plus he completely brushed that off as normal behaviour for a Heating plus Air Conditioning device. He even told me that his cooling system plus gas furnace make noises prefer that all of the time, plus he has never had a problem. I entirely shouldn’t have listened to him, however as I looked at him cooling system, it still looked prefer it was working well, plus his home felt good, so I decided to listen to him. A month later plus I now I am in our current situation, where our current cooling unit is broken plus I am without a/c with a hefty bill on the way. I wish I never listened to him. Ironically, his Heating plus Air Conditioning failed a month later as well.



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