How I managed to reduce the sound of my air conditioning unit

I avoided installing an AC in my house for the longest time because I felt there was no need to endure the sounds.

While some people find it soothing, I wouldn’t say I liked it at all.

I lived in an area where temperatures were easy to manage, and that my house was fully insulated made it easy to get by without installing one. All I needed was a good gas furnace to help keep me warm all winter long. I did not struggle with cooling my house since it was generally safe to be indoors even when the sun’s heat was scorching outside. However, all these changed when a job transfer necessitated my move. I had to adjust to living in an area where weather patterns were erratic, and it could get too hot or too cold. Unfortunately, my house was not well insulated since it was an old school model. My only option of surviving had an HVAC unit, which was already installed. My experience with the buzzing sound was not good, and I knew I had to find a solution fast enough to cope. I had heard about such adjustments and needed an expert to evaluate the possibility of applying one of the sound reduction methods on the air conditioning unit in my house. The HVAC technician advised on lining the interior of the ductwork using melamine foam. It would serve as an absorber that would reduce noise and at the same time serve as thermal insulation. I was able to sleep well again because I could hardly hear the noises from the drainage pipes.

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Simple tricks that make HVAC maintenance easy

Hiring an HVAC technician every month may not be a sustainable way to maintain the unit.

What’s more, you only need professional maintenance at least once or twice a year, preferably before winter and summer.

Usually, it helps check and test the heating or cooling unit right before the weather changes to an extreme that requires your air conditioning unit to work at its best. Fortunately, it is easy to achieve most of the routine checks without involving an HVAC business. Stick to basic practices such as changing filters and cleaning the air conditioner. Filter replacement should happen every 1 to 3 months, depending on how dusty your area gets. Besides ensuring that the air is clean, it ensures that the unit is not strained; hence it works at optimal efficiency. Cleaning the condenser unit, especially for an outdoors cooling unit, ensures that no debris accumulates as this would hinder free air circulation and interfere with the heating and cooling process. Regular cleaning minimizes the potential of clogging. Besides these, you also have to check the evaporator coil drain pipes. Have the HVAC professional show you where they are located. Focus on checking for clogs as this could affect the air conditioner’s ability to eliminate excess moisture in the house. Always call an air conditioner service provider to check if the unit is in its best condition. Remember that you do not have to wait for the unit to develop faults before bringing in an HVAC provider. This is one system that works best with regular maintenance, mostly before it is heavily used.

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My AC helped get rid of excess moisture in my house

When I first moved into my new house, I discovered that it always felt as though there was excess moisture.

  • I kept no wet clothes in the house yet struggled with mold on the wall and a strange damp odor.

I contemplated moving out, but this was not a viable option at the time. When I discussed this with a friend, she recommended that I look into my air conditioner for potential solutions to the recurring problem. Since she was not conversant with how this would work, I called my HVAC technician to discuss my options. I discovered a few things from the expert, and I was willing to try them out. First, I found that the house’s air conditioning unit could consume the warm air through its ductwork and then suck moist air out of the house through the cool evaporating coils. When this is done, it then drains the condensed moisture out of the house. For some reason, my unit failed at this, thus exposing me to health risks such as allergies and discomfort. After a bit of deliberation, we agreed that my house’s air conditioner required a few touch-ups before I could consider getting a dehumidifier. The filters were replaced with new ones, coils cleaned, and the fan speed adjusted to improve things. My HVAC expert also installed a thermal expansion valve after checking the refrigerant charge. With a few regular expert maintenance and close monitoring of the heating and cooling unit, I contained the moisture problem. I got my house feeling fresh and free from mold-infestation.

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My sister’s house ceiling kept peeling until she fixed the HVAC issue

For a long time, I noticed that my big sister’s house had issues with the ceiling.

  • I saw that the case of her ceilings peeling kept recurring no matter how much she renovated and repainted.

This had gone on for years, and every time I visited, I could notice that she had tried to cover it up with new paintwork. While her house was not exactly new, it was well-maintained and in good condition, which is why the peeling was strange. I had to ask her what the issue was, and to my surprise, she too did not understand it. They had tried all possible solutions, including changing the plumbing system, as they feared that there could be hidden leaks. This move failed to work, and that is when I suggested that they have their HVAC unit checked. To my surprise, no one thought about replacing the unit or checking if it wrecked optimally. She called in an HVAC technician to check the issue with their old central unit, which is when the truth was uncovered. The air conditioner had since stopped working on dehumidifying the house. Since this was not its primary function, it was difficult for homeowners to note any changes since it heated and cooled the house pretty well. To support proper air conditioning and even minimize the moisture accumulation on the ceiling, my sister had to bring in expert air conditioner service experts to install new dehumidifiers, which helped fix the issue. She has not had to redo any paint job on the ceiling ever since the last one.
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Air conditioning saved my dog from dying

Most people don’t think about how serious summer heat gets.

Imagine how tough it is on a human being and be considerate about your pets. Dogs and cats tend to suffer more when the weather is too hot. Ensuring they have access to a cooling system, probably an air conditioner, can help calm and ease the discomfort. Remember that dogs and cats are likely to suffer more when they overheat, hence ensuring that they are cool enough. Choose the right air conditioner for your dog by providing the size of the air conditioner you go for is small enough to accommodate the dogs’ needs. You also don’t want to over cool the room lest the dog gets too cold. One time I went out with my dog and, as usual, left her in the car with the window slightly open. Unfortunately, I happened to stay a little longer than anticipated. An extra ten minutes was enough to distress my dog, such that when I got back, I had to find a way to cool it down. Water didn’t work, and I had to get to the nearest office and fan her to get to cool down. Going back home, I immediately called my HVAC technician to devise a way that would allow me to install a cooling system in the dog house. With the right calculations, it was possible to give my dog the best comfort possible. Pet owners can attest that a distressed little friend can cause enough stress to its owner and the best way to prevent such issues is to make sure it is comfortable.e.
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How my air conditioner saved my daughter from summer heat

Children are especially susceptible to sunlight exposure and can easily suffer from heat exhaustion.

When this happens, these young ones can exhibit several symptoms that are easy to ignore.

Spending too much time under the sun can be dangerous to young kids because they develop headaches, become hydrated, and become nauseated. In some cases, they develop general body weakness and have a weak pulse. When ignored, children can easily develop serious complications that can be life threatening if not fixed. Last summer was a scary experience for me when my girl went out to play as usual. However, she appeared to be turning pale and was drowsy until I brought her into the house when she was about to collapse. I quickly got some cold water and turned up my air conditioner, making sure she was close to the fan. A few minutes later, she slowly regained consciousness and slowly took some water as she was dehydrated. I later took her to the ER and the doctor advised that she should always stay in cool environments preferably with an AC.


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Grandma’s complaints about temperature fluctuations at the senior care home

A quick visit to the office and I got an assurance that something would be done

Visiting grandma at the old home was always fun because she longed to see us every time we came. Sadly, her condition got worse with each visit because she forgot things slowly, and it was sad to know that she would one day forget who we were. But before it got to that, we were determined to ensure she enjoyed all the comfort we could afford to give her. Having lived for over eighty-seven years old, we were grateful that she was still alive. Sadly, she was sick and did not want to burden her family, so she refused to stay with us and ensured that we took her to the older people’s homes. Either way, we chose the best for her. Her first few months at home were great, at least by what she told us every time we visited. However, this time around, grandma seemed to sweat a lot and was generally uncomfortable. I thought maybe the medication she took was beginning to take a toll on her until I felt it too. The room was too hot for comfort. I had to call the attendant to turn up the air conditioner, but nothing changed. Something was faulty with the HVAC, and the cooling system was not working. A quick visit to the office and I got an assurance that something would be done. I demanded a desk fan in the meantime to help keep the temperatures in my grandma’s room well regulated. I believed that she would sleep better that night and be less grumpy when next I visited since the air conditioning unit will have been fixed.



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Insulation goes a long way

One of the easiest ways not to overwork your HVAC unit is to insure your house and all the rooms are well insulated.

Insulation ensures that the house is protected in either extreme weather conditions.

You are less likely to feel the heat of summer with proper insulation than when your home lacks insulation. On the same note, winters will feel warmer when they are insulated correctly, even when the furnace is not necessarily overworking. Talk to an HVAC practitioner to know how to go about this for the entire house because it is beneficial. However, the amount of cash you get to save depends on the type of insulation you choose. Other determinants of how insulation works for your house include the house’s age. Additional insulation measures may be needed if the house is old. Unfortunately, there is also a lot of work to be done with old houses since the standardization varies. Either way, insulation will contribute significantly to your energy-saving endeavors and improve overall heating during winter. You may want to focus on the wall first since they lose the most heat, followed by the roof and the windows. Floors can be done last or left with no insulation at all. When opting for insulation as a support to your HVAC, make sure to work with a professional. The last thing you want is to spend money and still pay higher energy bills during winter or summer because of poor services. The HVAC unit can also be installed during the insulation period to ensure that everything fits together seamlessly.

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Is a wall heater worth it?

Different people seek to find ideal HVAC systems for their houses.

  • Knowing that your home will be warm enough during winter or cool enough during summer is one of the homeowner’s priorities.

Unfortunately, this decision is not as straightforward as many assume. It is not as easy as walking into an HVAC business and picking a unit for installation. Several aspects must be considered, including the house’s location, the general climate, issues of efficiency, energy costs, purchase prices, and maintenance. With this, there are many HVAC units in the market today. One that is gaining popularity with time is the wall heater. It seems to work quite well for most people. First, it is essential to find a central location on the wall, away from the doors and other blocking elements that may interfere with its effectiveness. It is better to have a professional HVAC technician handling it since the plumbing and electric systems should be handled delicately. Most users prefer it because of the ease and speed with which it heats a room. Anyone looking to save some money will love it because heating a room happens faster than using a central air conditioning unit. What’s more, it is also easy to maintain since it majorly requires a few checks and air conditioner service but will need filter replacements, which you can always do. Anyone looking for an alternative to the central heating and cooling unit should consider the wall heater for an overall comfortable house. However, make sure to speak to experts before choosing the HVAC you want to be installed in your home.

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I’m fascinated by ventilation dampers and how they solve serious temperature issues

I love it when you find a cheap solution to an expensive problem.

I had a bathroom sink that kept leaking water around the edges of the porcelain.

When it was installed, it was placed into the open hole and the edges rest on the countertop. Whenever water gets over the edges of the sink it pools on the counter against the porcelain and finds its way down below. If you leave the problem long enough, water soaks into the wood below the sink and causes it to swell. This entire time I thought I needed a different sink to prevent this problem. I had no idea that it was the result of something simple and cheap. I spent no more than $10 at the hardware store on a tube of silicone caulk. Apparently the sink was supposed to be sealed with caulk from day one, but the plumber either forgot or purposefully neglected to do it. Once I sealed the porcelain to the countertop, I never had leaking issues again. I had another problem recently that made me fear an expensive repair job. My house has increasingly worse temperature problems. It doesn’t matter if I’m running the air conditioner or the furnace, every room in my house is a different temperature. I worried that I might need new ductwork altogether, which can cost up to $4,000 or more. It was satisfying when my heating and cooling contractor offered to install a few ventilation dampers which are like adjustable valves for your air system. You simply open and close each damper to distribute the air equally throughout the entire house. It takes an HVAC professional to adjust the dampers to equalize the temperature throughout.
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