I don’t have a gym anymore

My boyfriend and I recently moved an hour down south.

  • On one hand it has been very exciting.

Our house is double the size of what we used to live in. We have two bathrooms, tons of property and are right near my parents. The downside is that my boyfriend and I moved to the country and out of the city. In the city there was anything I could possibly need. I could have groceries delivered the next day to me. I could run to the bank, post office and shopping mall in under ten minutes. I also had a core progression near me. Four days a week I took a group personal training class with a fitness expert. I loved having that steady routine and I kept in good shape. In the country there really isn’t anything. There are three restaurants and they are all awful. The nearest gas station is about ten minutes away. I have to physically go to the store if I want to have eggs. The worst is no gym anywhere nearby. I could drive thirty minutes and use the local gym that has hardly any equipment. I mainly have been sticking close to home though. I have plenty of property. I have been thinking about building a gym for myself. I could get a shed, insulate it and get HVAC installed. I then need folding mats, weights, fitness equipment and a sound system. It will be expensive, but I think it will be nice in the end to have somewhere to work out.
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How to get an arm work out

Men and women like to work out different parts of their body.

  • Men always seem to target back, shoulder and arms.

Women are all about butt and legs. I am no exception. My legs are totally sculpted with muscle. My butt has no fat at all, it is a hard rock. I even have pretty impressive abs if I do say so myself. Basically I am all over fit with the exception of my arms. I just have thin arms, not even toned. When I work out I like to do cardio activities or weight lifting for legs. I will run, bike and swim. Sometimes I jump rope or I will do some squats. I never make it a point to do push ups, hold planks or lift free weights. I just hate working my arms. Recently I have been going to a gym because I haven’t been able to motivate myself. The physical training class I take is all geared toward arm workouts. Thankfully the personal trainer doesn’t have me do stuff I could and don’t do at home. For starters there is a lot of equipment we use that I don’t have. There are battle ropes, kettlebells, medicine balls and weighted poles to play with. Second, I get a partner to toss a ball back and forth, tug on a rope or just to motivate me. It is really nice having someone else push me to keep going. Lastly, I love my class since I know for a fact that I am not damaging my arms or doing an exercise wrong. The personal trainer ensures I am being safe.


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Health and recovery after an accident

I recently got hit by a car when I was on my motorcycle.

The guy was texting and didn’t stop quick enough at a red light.

His car bumped the back of my bike and I went flying. I ended up really hurting myself. My shoulders especially took the brunt of the fall. I got my hospital bills paid for but I am still set back in life. I have trouble getting out of bed, driving and working out. My shoulders are always tense and hurting me. I looked online for things that can help. I have tried targeting what I eat, getting a massage and working with a chiropractor. I think I have the right solution for my pain though. There is a body wellness center that does health and recovery programs. A certified fitness expert runs a fitness class for people with pre-existing injuries. The class is supposed to help the person gain more mobility, balance and strength without further injuring themself. I have talked to a personal trainer on the phone about the class and what is bothering me. I think this is going to be a good fit. There are other people who have been in accidents taking the class. There are also senior citizens and sport related injury people. Maybe I will be able to work out and have less daily pain if I have a professional take care of me. At the very least I want to be able to sleep easy and be able to turn my head comfortably when I back up my car.

Weight lifting

I need to be able to catch myself

For a long time I simply said I was an academic and I never worked out.

I put on a bit of weight as I aged but it didn’t really bother me.

I was recently at a conference for work and stayed the night in a hotel room. Getting out of the shower proved to be tricky. I slipped on the edge of the tub and went down hard. I ended up hitting my head bad enough that I had to be rushed to the hospital. I was upset that my incident cost me money and was super embarrassing. I realized that if I would have been able to catch myself in a push up position, I would have been fine. Since I was so out of shape, I ended up really injuring myself and missing days of work. Ever since that incident I have been going to the core progression near me. The gym offers physical training classes led by a certified fitness expert. The personal trainer is great at what he does. I am learning to hold my own body weight in many different positions. I have learned the importance of stretching, maintaining muscle and balance. I don’t do anything hardcore like jump rope or run on a treamdile, but I feel better already. All the exercises have been good for my body and I feel so much healthier everyday. Maybe I will eventually work out to try to cut weight rather than just tone myself. Currently I am just happy that I might be able to hold my own body mass in a plank.

Cross fit gym

Staying active most of the time

My legs and butt look really toned and I think that is because I am always moving

I look really good and I am proud to say that. Basically everything I do is geared towards being healthy and physically fit. While I do work online and sit for it, I only am stationary for that portion of the day. I typically take an hour off from work to get a workout in. I make sure to properly warm up and stretch my body. I don’t want any muscles getting tight and injuring myself. I then do a heavy cardio routine for most of my hour session. Occasionally I will toss a bit of weight lifting in there and I might even do an online video of an ab workout. After my workout, I finish up my work day and then outside I go. I like to either work in my gardens, rake the leaves or I will simply walk around my property. That is a real treat for me, walking. I use walking as a meditation and relaxation tool. I can listen to music and just zone out. A lot of people ask if that is my daily work out. I don’t break a sweat but I do walk for around two hours everyday. Who knows how many miles that ends up being. I don’t look at it as my physical activity for the day, just fun. It does help my body out though. My legs and butt look really toned and I think that is because I am always moving. When I walk for two solid hours, I am not tempted to snack or just laze around the house.

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The clingy bridesmaid dress

I don’t know how to properly stretch, warm up or even tone certain areas of the body.

My friend Sammy is getting married and asked me to be a bridesmaid. She decided to let us girls pick a different style of dress but in the color she picked. All the options were clingy, short dresses made of cheap material. The color is baby pink too. I bought what I felt was the most flattering dress to my figure and even sized up just in case. I have gotten the dress in the mail and I am very disheartened. The dress clings to my tummy and makes my arms look like sausages. The dress technically does fit, but it makes me look very overweight. Getting a different size bigger might not even fix the problem. What I am thinking of doing is losing weight for Sammy’s wedding. I need to tone up my stomach and get my arms more muscular. Maybe then the baby pink won’t look quite so hideous. I found a health and wellness center that offers personal training. I can do either a group physical training class or do a private session with a certified fitness expert. I think for now I should pay more to be alone. I don’t know how to properly stretch, warm up or even tone certain areas of the body. I think I need to learn the basics before I put myself in a group class. I have about three months until the wedding. It is my hope that in that span of time I can get my body in decent shape. I don’t want to be embarrassed when I see pictures.

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They have let themselves go

On social media the kids I graduated with all love to post pictures of themselves.

One thing is super consistent, everyone has put on weight. Most of the kids I know have turned into an adult, fat version of themselves. There are a couple of people I wouldn’t recognize out at the grocery store or bank they are so different. I feel basically the same. I know if I wanted to I could squeeze into my prom dress. I still wear clothing that I did in high school. What happened to my peer group? I think a strong part of the weight gain is poor eating. I think most people drink copious amounts of wine, beer and hard liquor on a weekly basis. Eating out and fast food is just so easy too. They must consume more fat, sugar and carbs than the average person should. Additionally, I would put money on most people not working out. For me I go to a core progression gym and take a group fitness class four days a week. The other three days a week I either go for a run, bike ride or swim in my pool. Once a month, after my fitness class, I do nutritional counseling. I try to be very careful with what I eat, sometimes I fall off the wagon though. Monthly check ups with the nutritional counselor ensures I don’t let any bad habits form and I am getting essential vitamins. It is a lot of work to stay in good shape, but I feel it is worth it.

Yoga studio

Actually learning how to jump rope

In middle school the gym teacher used to get out a box of jump ropes and throw them around the gym.

  • The whole thirty minute class was just us jump roping.

I hated the jump rope unit. I frequently would step on the rope or have it hit the back of my legs. The ropes were either too short or too long and made of plastic beads that hurt when it hit you. Once I got older I figured my jump roping days were behind me. I do a group fitness class with a certified personal trainer. The fitness expert recently brought out jump ropes for my class. I had PTSD when I saw the rope and immediately thought about leaving the class. I was very surprised when the fitness expert went into detail on how to properly size a jump rope to your body. He went over weighted ropes and the benefits of a smaller, thinner cord. I tried all different lengths, materials and weights to pick the rope that worked for me. I felt a little like Harry Potter picking out a magic wand. After I chose my rope I learned how to hold it and properly jump. Little hops and proper breathing turned out to be key. The fitness expert went into how to jump without adding a little hop in between. He also got us hopping with feet together, one foot at a time and running with the rope. I know coming up I am going to learn the double jump, turning with the rope and doing kicks. I actually am excited for this jump rope unit.

Cross fit

You just need to stretch

Never underestimate the power of stretching.

A lot of people face daily aches and pains due to their limited movement.

Did you know we are the only animal that doesn’t stretch immediately upon waking up? I make it a point to stretch. First thing in the morning I do a loose stretch right before work. After work I then do a proper work out. I sometimes do a group fitness class at the body wellness center or do a biking work out on my own. Either way, I make it a point to warm up and stretch before any physical activity. If I am getting in a car for a long ride or on an airplane, I stretch my leg, back and neck muscles. Anytime I do work on my house, I stretch my arms, shoulders and hips. Due to my stretching, I have never pulled a muscle before. I have never had days where I am out of commission due to being sore. I have never needed a chiropractor, massage or anybody cracking my back. I always feel my body is in great shape and physically fit. I think older folks should especially take the time to stretch. Your body tightens up as you get older. You lose muscle tone too. It certainly doesn’t hurt to improve flexibility and balance. Anyone young I don’t allow to whine about being sore or their body hurting. It is a simple solution to feel good and be efficient in your day to day life. Stretching can be just a simple, five minute thing that saves you a lot of pain all day long.


Gym membership

Learning to run better

For years I used to skp running for a workout because I was so bad at it.

I would constantly have neck pain, side cramps and irritated skin on my inner thighs.

I never seemed to go all that fast either. Online says that an in shape person should be able to do 10 minute miles. It was always a struggle to do ten minute miles and I was more than in shape. I stretch everyday and do a wide variety of cardio activities. I swim, bike and kayak. I am toned all over and fit. Eventually I decided to tackle my running issue. It made no sense how bad I was at it. Like with anything else, practice makes perfect and a little instruction goes a long way. I found a health and fitness center that offers personal training. I got a private session with a certified fitness expert and I only wanted to run better. The fitness expert saw my issue immediately. The problem wasn’t how good of shape I was in. It wasn’t an issue with my build or anything like that. I simply had very short strides. Instead of running from the hip to the toe, I ran from my knee down. My thighs then rubbed together creating that red rash I was so familiar with. Smaller strides means I don’t go as far or as quick as I should. I also had bad posture and poor breathing which was causing neck pain and side cramps. For months the instructor worked on making me move and act like a runner. Now I can run 8 minute miles without a hitch.

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