They said the house had a fireplace.

I was looking for a house to rent for the winter.

My husband and I wanted to move up north, but we were running out of time.

We had forgotten how quickly fall and winter arrived, since we haven’t lived up north for over three decades. We started talking to different realtors in hopes of finding the perfect house that we could rent with the option to buy. We thought we found the house we wanted when the last realtor called. She said she had a house that had a fireplace. I was so excited I couldn’t speak. There was a new HVAC system installed in the house, but the fireplace was the added something that we wanted. We knew that when the snow flew, it was highly likely that we could lose power. A fireplace was going to be perfect for us. We wouldn’t need to worry about going without heat. We weren’t used to the cold. When we got to the house, I was so disappointed that I nearly cried. The fireplace turned out to be nothing more than a large space heater, encased in a fireplace facade. I told the realtor we needed to keep looking. I wanted a real fireplace and not a fake one that wouldn’t work if we lost our power. I couldn’t believe that another realtor would advertise the house as having a fireplace when it wasn’t a fireplace. It took another couple weeks before we found the house we chose to rent, but it wasn’t a house we were willing to buy, even though it had a fireplace.


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Just buy the space heater and let’s go home.

I wanted to buy a space heater for my bedroom.

I didn’t want just any space heater, but I wanted the best and safest space heater I could find.

My boyfriend wasn’t happy with how much time I was wasting in the home store, but I was going to get what I wanted, or I wasn’t buying anything. He told me to just buy a space heater so we could go home. I started asking a lot of questions about the oil-filled space heater that I was interested in. I wanted to make sure it had tip-over features. If the space heater were to tip over, I didn’t want to have my house catch on fire. The tip-over feature would turn the space heater off the minute it was unevenly placed on the floor. The space heater I was asking about also had a cool touch. It blew heat into the air, but the heater itself would remain cool to the touch. The only thing I worried about, was that if the power went off, I wouldn’t have any heat, and that is what I wanted the space heater for. The man at the counter told me he had the perfect solution for that. He had a battery powered plug that allowed the owner of the space heater to plug it in and have up to eight hour of usage before the battery died. I loved that idea and I walked out of the store, the proud owner of a space heater with all the safety features I wanted, then some.

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I was trying to keep everyone healthy.

When the pandemic broke out, all I could think about was trying to keep my family healthy.

  • No one was leaving the house, and no one was coming in, but I was still worried.

I started to do some research about things I could do to keep my family safe during the pandemic. One of the things I had read about was having a whole home air purification system installed into the house. I lived in an area where I didn’t need to worry about a furnace, so no one had to come into my home to install an air purification system. I started to call around and see if there was a HVAC company that was able to install a whole home air purification system into my air conditioning unit. I didn’t realize I needed to have some extra work done to my air conditioner so it could be made to run the air purifier. He explained to me that instead of taking a lot of time and risking having someone come into the house, he was going to do the work on the air conditioner. He would then return to finish the system when it was safe. For now, he was going to make changes so my air conditioner would be able to handle a HEPA air filter. To do this, he was going to change the fan motor so it would be able to draw more air through the ductwork. My airflow wouldn’t be compromised and the HEPA air filter would prohibit most of the allergens and viruses from getting into the air.



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The portable air purifier was no longer working for her asthma.

When I brought my baby home from the hospital, she was suffering with asthma.

I panicked the first time she quit breathing and turned blue.

I made a mad dash to the emergency room, in hopes of getting there before she died on me. They told me she had asthma, and I had to have a vaporizer and clean air for her. As soon as I got her home and was comfortable, my mom sat with her while I went to town. I bought a cool air vaporizer and a portable air purifier for the nursery. I wanted to make sure my baby was going to be okay. The air purifier worked well for about a year, but it wasn’t doing as well as I liked. I called my HVAC company and asked about purchasing a whole home air purifier for my HVAC system. They told me they had one that used a UV light, and the other simply utilized HEPA air filters. I wanted the best for my child. It took a couple days for them to order the parts I needed for my HVAC system, so I could have the best air purification system for my daughter. Mom and I made sure the vaporizer was always filled with water, and we kept the air purifier running. After almost a week, I had the whole home air purification system running. I had to call the HVAC company and ask if there was something wrong with my air purifier because I couldn’t hear it running.. They came out about two weeks later to inspect the system and change the air filters.

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Why doesn’t this HEPA air filter fit?

My husband has been having a lot of difficulties with his allergies lately. I had read that by simply installing a HEPA air filter into your furnace or air conditioning unit, you could remove a lot of allergens from your air. I went to the home center and asked if they carried HEPA air filters for my air conditioning unit? As soon as I got the HEPA air filter home, I put it in the air conditioning unit. I couldn’t believe the HEPA air filter wouldn’t fit. I called the HVAC company to see if I needed a specialty sized HEPA air filter for my air conditioning unit. They asked me for the serial number of my AC unit? The HVAC tech told me that my air conditioning unit was not made to accept a HEPA air filter. I had to have some customizing done to my AC unit before I could use a HEPA. I had no idea what he was talking about. He explained that if I were to put a HEPA into my AC unit, I would need to have a bigger and heavier fan. Without a bigger fan, I wouldn’t be able to get enough airflow, and my air conditioning unit could end up being damaged beyond repair. This I understood. He told me they made portable air purifiers, which could be used in whatever room my husband was in. If the portable air purifier worked, I could always have revisions made to the AC unit, and then I could use the HEPA, but it was going to be expensive.


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How many air filters do I get in a case?

The laundry room was in the mudroom, and the air conditioning unit was right outside the mudroom

I called the HVAC company last week because I wanted to buy a case of air filters for my furnace and air conditioning unit. Before I bought the air filters, I wanted to know how many air filters were in the case. I understood I was getting a good price by buying them by the case, but I had to make sure I had some place to store them. The HVAC tech assured me I could store them in the garage or in the basement. As long as they didn’t get wet, they would be fine. It wasn’t whether they would get wet, but if I had the room for two cases of air filters. He said the air filters had twelve in a box. At least now I had some idea how much room I needed for the air filters. I started looking in the garage and the shed, hoping to find a shelf that would hold two cases of air filters. I found a shelf in the basement where I could put the furnace air filters, but I couldn’t fit the AC unit air filters there. Then I realized I could put them in the laundry room. The laundry room was in the mudroom, and the air conditioning unit was right outside the mudroom. At least I had solved the problem with where I was going to put the air filters. Now I just had to m tell the HVAC tech what kind of air filters I needed. I would need to check the old air filters and give him the numbers that were on them.


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If you see a nice window AC unit, bring it home.

My husband and his brother were going to a warehouse auction.

They didn’t know what was in the warehouse, but they seemed really excited to go to the auction.

They asked me if I wanted to go along, but I bowed out. I told him that if he saw a nice window air conditioning unit, he should bring it home. I wanted a window AC unit to put in the shed, which I had commandeered for my crafting. They agreed to look for an air conditioning unit and left for the sale. Six hours later, I heard the car pull up. They started pulling boxes out of the back of the minivan. I did not know what half the junk was, and I really didn’t want to know. I asked if they had found an AC unit, and my husband said yes. He was going to need to go back with the truck and pick up the rest of the things they had bought. When they got back with the truck, they had a full-sized outdoor air conditioning unit, two new window AC units, and a furnace. He found out the sale was at a warehouse for HVAC systems. They had several boxes of air filters and some other things I didn’t recognize. His brother laughed and said they had enough parts and accessories to build a completely new HVAC system, including air purifiers and humidifiers for our house and his. I knew we would eventually need a new HVAC system, but I didn’t think it would come to our house in parts. I certainly didn’t think my husband and his brother were going to install it, either.



Are you sure you know what you’re doing?

I woke up the other night to the sound of whispering coming from my living room.

I peeked out the bedroom door, and saw all the lights on in the house.

I couldn’t help but throw on my robe and investigate. My husband stood in the middle of the living room looking at a window air conditioning unit, and his brother was half sprawled on the sofa. I stood there listening and watching as his brother questioned if my husband really knew what he was doing. They had both been to a bachelor party that night, and I was pretty sure neither of them knew what they were doing, but I let them go. I stood in the hallway listening to them, and trying not to laugh. They were both HVAC technicians, but neither of them seemed to know what to do with the window air conditioner. I was more curious as to where the air conditioner came from. We had central air conditioning in our house, and so did his brother. I didn’t know if someone at the party had window air conditioning and they volunteered to repair it, or if they had found it somewhere on the way home. I knew that neither of them drove to the party, so I also wondered how they got it home. The more they talked about making the AC unit work, the more determined I was to go back to bed. I was pretty sure I was going to see them sleeping in the living room when I got up in the morning. There was plenty of time to question them on the AC unit when they woke up, if they remembered where it came from, that is.


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His girlfriend had to keep her mouth shut.

My nephew’s new girlfriend was a royal pain in the butt.

I wanted to tell her to shut her mouth whenever she was around.

All we ever heard was how her daddy did this and her daddy did that. I was waiting for her to tell us how her daddy was able to walk on water and turn water into wine. My nephew bragged her up so much before we met her, but I found her to be a total let down. My son told his cousin that she was a loser and he was better off without her. That’s when Will told him that he couldn’t just dump her since her father was his boss. Her father owned the HVAC company he worked for. I couldn’t believe he thought he would get fired from the HVAC company if he dumped the girl, and I told him so. He was a good HvAC technician and there were other HVAC companies in the area that would be happy to have him work for them. He didn’t need to keep the job so badly to need to put up with her. He shrugged and walked away from us, but I think he knew it was true. The following weekend, he called to talk to my husband. He said he dumped the girl, and he kept his job. Her dad asked him why he put up with her, because even he couldn’t put up with her bragging about him. He said he wanted to keep his job and his boss laughed. He said he was proud of his work as a HVAC technician and the job was whether he was foolish enough to stay with his daughter, or not.



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My son thought he was the best HVAC technician ever.

Last year, when our son graduated high school, he decided he didn’t want to go to college. He made his decision to go to technical school and become a HVAC technician. He spent a year learning all about heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems. By the time he got his HVAC certification, he was convinced he was the best HVAC technician to ever graduate from the course. I just raised an eyebrow, and I didn’t say yay or nay. I held my tongue and waited for him to fall off his self-made pedestal. When he started working for the local HVAC company, he soon got his comeuppance. They had ten HVAC technicians that all had at least five years experience. For his first two weeks, he had to go with one of the older HVAC techs so he could learn the ropes. He soon found out that working on a HVAC system in someone’s home was much different than working in a closed environment. At the end of the first week, was dragging, and not just because he was tired. He couldn’t believe how much he hadn’t learned while in school. He said they didn’t tell him how many different HVAC systems there were. He also didn’t know the difference between the AC parts and the furnace parts. His next two weeks are going to be working in the parts room before he gets to go on a service call by himself. His ego had been deflated, but now he was ready to become a good HVAC technician instead of an excellent HVAC student.

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