There isn’t enough money for me to be an HVAC technician.

When it came time to graduate high school, I did all the footwork needed to get into the local college and take their HVAC courses. I had all the information, and I went home to talk to mom and dad. When dad saw the price for the course, he blanched. I asked what was wrong? He told me there wasn’t enough money for me to go to HVAC school and become an HVAC technician. I was about in tears, but I took it like a man, as my dad always told me to take disappointment. I had wanted to be an HVAC technician since I was ten, and I was now forced to realize our dreams didn’t always come true. I went to the school and turned in the paperwork, hoping I could come up with the money before it had to be paid. While there, I saw our local HVAC technician. He was happy to see me signing up for classes, but I told him I wasn’t sure I could afford them. He told me to stand where I was, and he would be right back. Five minutes later, he introduced me to the owner of the HVAC company, and told him all about how much I had bugged him over the years. The owner shook my hand and asked if I had a summer job? When I said no, he simply said I do now. He was going to have me work at the HVAC all summer long, but instead of getting paid money, he was going to pay my way through HVAC school, but I had to sign a contract promising to work for him for six months after getting my certification. I started HVAC school a month later.


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I hope my air conditioning will work when it’s needed.

I thanked her for the information, but I was sure my husband would not be happy with this delay in the service

Last month, I meant to call the HVAC company. I needed to have my air conditioning unit serviced before summer began. I forgot to make the phone call, even though my husband reminded me every morning before he went to work. I was getting ready to make the phone call when the phone rang. By the time I finished talking to my sister, I had forgotten who I was going to call, and finished cleaning the house and getting dinner started. It wasn’t until the next day that calling the HVAC company occurred to me. I made the call, but they had no HVAC technician available. They told me it would be at least a week before someone became available to do the service call. I asked if they would come if it was an emergency? She asked if it was truly an emergency, but I couldn’t honestly answer yes. She gave me an appointment that was ten days out and said they would call me when it got closer to that time. She would then give me time for the HVAC technician’s arrival. I thanked her for the information, but I was sure my husband would not be happy with this delay in the service. I can only hope my air conditioning unit will work when it’s needed. I prayed we wouldn’t have any severe heat that would cause the need for air conditioning before the HVAC technician arrived. I hope I have been a good enough person that my prayers will be answered, because my husband will not be happy.

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The car’s heater broke, and my teeth cracked from shivering.

She gave me a blanket, a hot cup of coffee, and turned the electric fireplace on to give me some warmth

I was driving north to spend time with my family last year. It was the Christmas holidays, and I took three weeks of work off and headed home. I missed the snow and cold that came with our area, and I was hoping to go skiing. I was about 100 miles from home when the heater in my car broke. With the HVAC system, I got so cold my teeth were chattering. I stopped at a service station to see if they could repair the HVAC system, but no one was available. They told me there should be someone available to do HVAC work at their next service station, which was only thirty miles down the road. I figured if I could make it another thirty miles, I may as well go home and take the car to our local service station. I knew they had people there that could do HVAC repairs. I turned off the HVAC system, knowing my windows would ice, but I didn’t want the cold air blowing on me. By the time I got home, I was so cold, I couldn’t feel my nose, and I was sure I had cracked one of my teeth from the violent shivering. I couldn’t even talk when I got home, and my mom was worried. She gave me a blanket, a hot cup of coffee, and turned the electric fireplace on to give me some warmth. She called the local service station, and they took the car to replace the broken HVAC system. It was so nice to be home.



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I wondered if our neighbors had heaters in their buggies.

I hated seeing the little shiver, so I took a thermos of hot chocolate down to her, and checked to see if there was heating in the buggy

When I tell people that most of my neighbors are Amish, they assume I live in a quiet area, but they are far from right. You wake up to the sound of their rooster crowing in your backyard. My husband has chased their calves out of my rose bushes and vegetable garden, more times than I can count. Last year, we had horse munching on the new apples of the apple tree. I get so angry when this happens that I forget how nice the people are. I have had fresh spate bread delivered to my door at 6 AM, and eggs that were still warm from the hen. If they need help, they come to my husband, and they are always there to lend a hand when we need help. I can’t imagine living anywhere other than where we were. Last year, I saw a young girl and her mother going down the hill in the buggy. She couldn’t have been over three-years-old, but she was helping pick up logs from the road. I saw she was shivering, and I wondered if they had heaters in their buggies. I hated seeing the little shiver, so I took a thermos of hot chocolate down to her, and checked to see if there was heating in the buggy. There was a small space heater on the floor, and it had the inside of the buggy quite warm. Had it not been warm inside, I was going to invite them into my house for a hot cup of tea or chocolate, but I wasn’t sure if they would come in.

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The HVAC technician said it wasn’t luck, but experience.

I was talking to the HVAC technician last week, while he was working on the air conditioning unit.

Mom always allowed me to go outside when the HVAC technician was here.

He arrived to do the inspection and service on the air conditioning unit to make sure it was ready for summer. I enjoyed watching him and talking to him so much that I actually thought I may someday be an HVAC technician. When inspecting the air conditioning unit, he noticed a small crack in one of the fan blades. He told me that if the fan blades weren’t working right, it could cause the fan motor to overheat, which would cause a lot of problems. I thought it was lucky that he had found the crack in the fan blade. He laughed and told me there was no luck about it. He had so much experience working on air conditioning units it stood out like a sore thumb. The man really impressed me with his knowledge of HVAC, which made me even more sure that someday I would be an HVAC technician. I told mom I had decided about my career after graduation. Before I could say anything, she told me I was going to be an HVAC technician. I couldn’t figure out how she knew what I was going to say, but she told me she was my mom and she had heard me make that statement every time the HVAC technician was at the house. I didn’t realize how many times I had told mom I wanted to be an HVAC technician, but it had to be more times than I remembered.


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The constant heat was making me sleepy.

I rarely get sleepy in the middle of the day, but I have been taking a nap early in the afternoon for the last three days.

  • I was sure it was the constant heat that was making me sleepy.

I would get home from work, and it was all I could do to stay awake. I had to lie down or stretch out in my recliner for at least half an hour before I felt like I could do something. I enjoyed getting home early because I still had time to get things done around the house. It had been hot the last week, and I still didn’t have the air conditioning on. I considered turning the AC on, but it was only April. We had plenty of April where it got hot for a short time, and then it went back to the fifties and sixties. I knew the same thing was going to happen this year, but I am older now. I was minding the heat more than I ever had. Not even the ceiling fans were comforting me. I was okay at night when I had the fans on and the windows open, but I couldn’t open the windows during the day. I got home from work, right when the heat was at its highest, and I was tired. I guess I could have turned the air conditioning on in the car, but that is hindsight. I am just going to take my naps, and when it cools off in a couple of days, I’m hoping my body will go back to normal schedules, unless it has already gotten used to those afternoon naps.
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Do you think mom will get mad about the thermostat?

My brothers were playing football in the living room, and I was supposed to be watching them.

  • Instead of being a babysitter, I was being the big sister, talking to my friends and playing games, while ignoring my brothers.

I should have known there was going to be trouble when I heard one of them yell, ‘touchdown’, and then it went quiet. I thought they sat down to watch something on television, or turned on their gaming system, but I didn’t hear loud noises of explosions and gunfire. I walked into the living room, and they were staring at the wall. My littlest brother looked like he was going to cry and asked if I thought mom would get mad about the thermostat. I looked at the wall where the thermostat was once placed, and then I looked at the floor where it now laid. I told them mom was going to be furious. She was going to be upset with them, but mad at me for not doing the job she charged me with. I called the HVAC company and gave them numbers off the thermostat and asked if they had another one. I needed it installed before mom got home. I looked at my bank account to make sure I had enough money to pay for the new thermostat. I knew I had to tell mom what happened, but I hoped she would be proud that I had the thermostat replaced and paid for it. I had her hot tea ready when she got home and told her what happened. She patted my hand, said thank you, and she would pay me back for the thermostat when she got paid.

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I’m not sure the thermostat can handle these temperature changes.

I don’t know who was having a more difficult time dealing with these up and down temperatures.

  • My thermostat was old, and I was afraid it was going to fail on us, but my wife was going crazy.

She wanted me to get a new thermostat, because she didn’t know if it was winter or summer. I had a thermostat that adjusted to the outside temperature and gave us climate control. If it was humid, the dehumidifier would adjust to keep the humidity out of the house. The thermostat did the same with heat and lack of humidity from the cold. Our thermostat was one of the first climate control smart thermosts to come off the line, and it was getting old. I called the HVAC company and told them I wanted another climate control thermostat, and they sent an HVAC technician to the house. He brought the latest and greatest smart thermostat that gave us perfect climate control, and installed it before he left. He checked the furnace and air conditioning unit to make sure they were working. The best part of his visit was that since we had a maintenance agreement, all we had to pay for was the new thermostat. The temperatures are still mercurial, but it will soon be May. Once May comes along, the temperatures usually even out, and they are trending up for the next couple of months. All I will worry about then is the grumbles of my wife as she complains about the heat and how the air conditioning can’t keep up. She complains about the humidity and then she complains that the grumbles of the thunder kept her awake all night. I can’t wait for fall and winter, and it’s only April.

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We needed the furnace at night.

Although April brings some warm days to our area, we often need the furnace at night.

  • The sun goes down, and there is a noticeable chill in the air.

I usually pull the blankets up around me and get cocooned for the night, but my wife is the opposite. She sleeps with the blankets wrapped around her waist and her legs and arms uncovered. Sometimes she has backed up against me to get warm, but it doesn’t last long. She gets her back warm and then she scoots to the edge of the bed. She told me once that if she wanted to cuddle up next to the furnace, she would have been born a dog, but she chose me instead. With the onset of warmer temperatures this month, I turned the furnace off. I was sure the heat of the day would sustain us throughout the night. I was going to put a fire in the fireplace to take away the morning chill. My wife thought that was a good idea until it went below freezing one night. She wasn’t just backed up against me, but I was hanging off the bed, and she was wrapped around me to stay warm. I had to get out of bed, turn the furnace on, and then crawl into her side of the bed, if I wanted to get warm. When she woke up in the morning, she asked why I had pushed her off her pillow and blamed me for her stiff neck. I apologized and said I had been up to start the furnace, and I had moved over. It was the only place to lie down.


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I didn’t tell you winter was over.

My wife was in a hurry for winter to end and summer to begin.

  • I came home last week, and she had the window air conditioners out of the basement.

There was an air conditioning unit in our bedroom, our daughter’s bedroom, and in her workroom. She was putting the air conditioning unit in the living room when I got home. I asked her what she was doing, and she rolled her eyes while asking me what it looked like. After kissing her cheek, I told her it looked like she was jumping the gun. I wasn’t sure winter had quite given up yet. I never considered putting the air conditioning units in the windows until at least mid-May. She impatiently told me it was eighty degrees outside, and she would not suffocate in her home. It was eight today, but tomorrow it was supposed to be in the forties. We had watched the weather report early this morning, but she must not have been paying attention to the weather. I know we have a goofy weather guy who acts more like a comedian with ADD, on speed, but he is usually right. If you can make it through his antics, you get to see the seven-day forecast at the end of his nonsense. She asked if I was going to help her with the air conditioning, and I said no. I didn’t tell her winter was over, and if she wanted to install the air conditioning unit, it was all on her. The next day she complained there was an icy breeze blowing in around the AC unit.


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