Craving homeownership and good HVAC

It’s like you get so close to a goal and yet, it’s still seems just so far away still.

  • That’s exactly where I find myself at the end of another summer inside a sweltering apartment.

Same apartment, same really not great HVAC cooling. I’ve danced this dance for summer after summer since I got out of college. And honestly, it’s not just this particular apartment. I’ve been in 3 different rental situations since I graduated college and they all had pretty substandard HVAC equipment. But then again, I guess you get what you pay for applies to heating and cooling as well. The apartments I can afford don’t come with much amenities at all much less updated residential HVAC. The reason I spend what I do on my housing is that I’m desperately trying to save enough money to get off this apartment merry go round. And that’s not an easy task given college loans, living expenses and everything else that you have to pay for as an adult. Yet still, I just kept building my savings and was getting closer all the time to having enough for a down payment on my own home. The idea of paying a mortgage and having quality heating and air was just such a wonderful thing. But this past year, I haven’t been able to save much due to the pandemic. Actually, I had to take a pay cut in order to keep my job. And it wasn’t much fun working from the air conditioning of my apartment while the virus raged. Hoping this year will be better and I can finally get my wish of my own house with some great HVAC equipment.


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At least the HVAC is really good

Their house is so nice.

Just pulling in the driveway was tough. It was the first load of my stuff that I was bringing to my parent’s home. And with it, I was losing the first bit of adult independence I had ever experienced. But, like my Dad said, this is temporary and there is plenty of time to continue with my life and career. In the meantime, at least I could enjoy the air conditioning. I had to move home last year because I lost my job. It was the first real job I had ever worked and I got it straight out of college. But the last ones in are always the first ones out. And that axiom held true in my case. At least they provided me with a box for my stuff as I packed up and left that office with the perfectly zone controlled HVAC. Who knows what will happen. But I know that I couldn’t afford the apartment I was living in on no salary. I even tried to gig online while I burned through my meager savings in an effort to maintain my independence. Leaving the actual apartment wasn’t so bad. The place had pretty terrible heating and cooling. The HVAC unit had never seen an HVAC professional and was woefully not up to the task. At least at my parents, I can enjoy some high quality heating and air. Their house is so nice. They moved in like a year or two ago. The HVAC technology is like incredible and they are putting me up for as long as I need. It’s really nice to have a soft place to land when life beats you up pretty good.


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Great HVAC comes in a small package

Living abroad for so long really changed so much about how I look at my life.

When you come from such abundance as I did, you don’t realize that this isn’t the case most everywhere.

I’m here to tell you that we take far too many things totally for granted in this country. Residential HVAC is a great example. I spent the last 20 years living in developing countries where any sort of modern HVAC technology was pretty rare. Many of the government building had central air conditioning and there were some affluent people who also had HVAC. Other than that, HVAC cooling just wasn’t something a person could just expect. Far from it actually. Just having access to a fan was something that would end up being such a bonus for me. But like all human beings, we all have the ability to evolve to a given situation. It didn’t take me too long to get acclimated to living without residential HVAC. Since returning, I have had more difficulty getting accustomed to all the abundance in this country. I’m still choosing to live simply though. I just bought a small two bedroom place that is perfect for my wife and our dogs. Prior to moving in, we had to replace the heating and cooling. The HVAC contractor suggested we go with a ductless heat pump. I had never seen one so was just completely amazed by how much HVAC power was packed in such a small package. Our house has a pair of ductless heat pumps and we are super thrilled to have residential HVAC for the first time in a couple of decades.


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Zone controlled HVAC gives complete customization for my wife

I love the fact that my wife is a bit of a unicorn.

In fact, that was sort of what originally drew me to her.

She just has such an interesting perspective on life that it’s just infectious. Plus, she’s simply a hoot to be around and that’s wonderful as well. But there are some idiosyncrasies for sure. One of them has to do with the heating and cooling comfort inside our home and other places. For some reason, my wife came with a body thermostat that is tuning fork sensitive. She can get cold in air conditioning like nobody I’ve ever seen. Same thing with heating, it goes up a degree or two and she’s overwhelmed with heat. This makes it interesting for her to deal with our home, her office and anywhere else she is. The woman takes like 5 layers of clothes wherever she’s going. But a recent HVAC equipment upgrade has changed that at home at least. The HVAC company came out to refit the existing HVAC unit and ductwork to provide zone controlled HVAC. Now our home has 6 separate HVAC zones and each one has an independent thermostat she can set to the exact number she wants. So now, the house is like perfectly tuned to her heating and cooling needs with these different zone controlled HVAC areas. That means she’s not peeling off or putting on a sweater, shirt, hoodie or sweatpants as she goes from room to room in our home. Again, that girl is a bit of a unicorn but thankfully, we solved the heating and cooling thing at least in our house.


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Getting it done so much better at home in the air conditioning

I thought having to work outside of our offices downtown would be the end of me.

For one, I worked a long time inside that office and I just couldn’t imagine working anywhere else.

Plus, the office downtown has the best zone controlled HVAC you could imagine. There was an independent thermostat just outside my work space. It was heaven to work there. Then, there was the whole social aspect of not working at the office. It just didn’t make sense to me how a person could work from home all alone all day. So when we got sent home to work in our own air conditioning because of the pandemic, I didn’t know what would happen. Well, surprise, surprise, working from home in my own air conditioning wasn’t a bad thing at all. I thought it would take forever for me to get accustomed to working from home. That just wasn’t the case. In fact, I have never done better work with more productivity in my entire career. I was stunned to say the least. So were my supervisors. I took over a guest room in our house and made it into an office now. This is my permanent office as I’m staying at home to work remotely. Given how well I’m working, it was sort of a no brainer. That led me to have the HVAC company send out and HVAC technician who installed a ductless heat pump in my new permanent home office. Now, I have the sort of perfect air conditioning comfort that I had in the offices downtown.



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HVAC helps us with a move

I’m quite thankful that I had the opportunity to live in this community.

If it were up to me, I wouldn’t leave and I’d settle in to make this my permanent home. But that’s just not the way it’s going to go. In my industry, moving around a lot is just part of the job. My wife knew this before she married me. Yet, she works from home in the air conditioning comfort. So she can pick up and go with me whenever there is a position that needs my expertise. Still, it’s really going to be tough to leave here. Heck, we even fell in love with the HVAC company we went with in town. The house we bought needed a new HVAC unit and the seller didn’t want to do it. That allowed us to negotiate a better price and we got the HVAC company to do the work. They did a wonderful job and the residential HVAC in our home is full of the latest HVAC technology. This will also help sell the house when we have to list it very soon. To that end, the HVAC company told us that they would happily provide some promotional material on the new quality heating and air system we had put in. Talk about going the extra mile for a customer. Just so impressive. As if that weren’t enough. Just yesterday, I received an email from the HVAC company with a list of HVAC contractors and vendors in the area we are moving to. Like I said, if I could stay right here, I sure would. It’s just a remarkable community with at least one really remarkable HVAC company.


HVAC helps us with a move

HVAC cooling is protecting our health as well as our comfort

Flipping the page to October is not far away at all.

I can’t wait to be quite honest about it.

The fact that we will have gotten through another full heat season brings a big smile to my face. And the heat pump will be able to start a well deserved break before too much longer. Yet, it’s mid September and we are still in the high 80’s or low 90’s during the peak heating hours of the day. So the HVAC cooling is still pouring it on night and day in order to keep us comfortable. And man, am I ever thankful we have residential HVAC and modern technology to rely on to manage this heat. I think about what it must have been like prior to having something like a heat pump. It’s almost more than I can fathom to consider getting through this type of summer heat without the aid of HVAC cooling. And yet, so many of us take air conditioning totally for granted. That’s too bad since the HVAC cooling process is also protecting our health. And not just from dangerously high heat. The HVAC cooling process is also balancing the humidity in our homes. And that keeps the mold at bay. Mold is one of the worst things for our respiratory health. It can cause so many devastating health effects. Thanks to the HVAC cooling process, we don’t have to worry about mold running wild in our homes. And that along with all the cooling comfort it provides are great reasons to be so thankful for what we have in residential HVAC.

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Guesthouse gets new life and new HVAC

There is a weird sort of paradigm that I live with.

My job demands an extraordinary amount of my attention and energy.

This means that there is very little time for me to just hang out in the air conditioning at home. That said, the job I have provides for a lifestyle that is almost more than I can believe. So it’s sort of a weird dichotomy that I do my best to balance. However, it really isn’t all that easy as I feel like I’m just not home all that much and my kids are growing up so fast. So when the holiday time comes around, I really like to spend a bunch of time at home. And no, it’s not time at home spent sitting around in the air conditioning, although that would be very nice as well. Holiday time is also extended family time and mostly we have been the ones to travel. This year, we decided to fix up the guest house out back and have family come to us. It’s sort of pathetic that our guest house had become a sort of defacto storage locker. It’s actually a great little place. All I really had to do was to get the HVAC company to come out and do something about the heating and cooling. Prior to us fixing up the guest house, it had electric baseboard heating and that was it. So the HVAC company came in and installed a pair of ductless heat pumps. The family who came in and out over the holidays loved the new ductless heat pumps and were super comfortable in the guest house.

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The guy was trying to sell us an air purifier

Every 10 years it seems like we have to replace the heating and air conditioning equipment in our home.

I guess that is the national average.

I wasn’t surprised when we had a repair appointment and received bad news about the condition of the air conditioning equipment. It was late during the afternoon when the repair technician gave us the bad news and they could not complete the new AC installation project until the next day. My wife and I didn’t mind waiting, especially since the sun was already starting to set. The next morning the crew arrived very early with everything necessary to complete the job. While the specialist was working on the installation job with, he offered to perform a free indoor air quality check. He planned to look at the ductwork and condition of the air filter. It sounded like a great idea and it was a free service. After that heating and air conditioning installation technician finished evaluating our ductwork, he tried very hard to sell us an air purifier. The guy had pictures of the ductwork and all of the dust and dirt. It was visibly unsettling, but I didn’t think an air cleaning machine was necessary. My wife and I thanked the gentleman for performing the service, but we emphatically insisted that we did not need to purchase an air cleaning machine. I didn’t care for the pushy guy and I even called to complain about his customer service skills. He was there to install the new machine and not to upsell me something that wasn’t necessary.

Nobody saw the AC problems coming

My niece was having a good time, but no one could have ever anticipated the problems with the AC unit

My sister wanted to have a huge birthday party for my niece on her 16th birthday. I honestly thought my niece would prefer something more low-key, but my sister was convinced that a huge party was the best idea. My sister was right and my niece did enjoy the party. She was completely surprised and shocked. My sister took a lot of time to make everything perfect. It was a very warm and humid day, so my sister had the party indoors. About an hour after the party started, the AC problems started to begin. At first, the indoor air quality was just warm and humid. That’s when my sister decided to adjust the AC unit. She turned the temperature all the way down to 66 degrees to make up for the room full of people. That wasn’t the best idea and that caused even more problems with the AC unit. After another hour, the entire house was filled with warm air and nothing was helping the situation. My sister had to call a repair service provider to fix the AC problems and most of the party guests decided to go home early. My niece was having a good time, but no one could have ever anticipated the problems with the AC unit. My sister had a great idea and she was right about the party, but no one could have ever seen the AC problems coming. The repair technician had to add several pounds of refrigerant to the system before the house became cool again. It was a long and eventful day.