Actually learning how to jump rope

In middle school the gym teacher used to get out a box of jump ropes and throw them around the gym.

  • The whole thirty minute class was just us jump roping.

I hated the jump rope unit. I frequently would step on the rope or have it hit the back of my legs. The ropes were either too short or too long and made of plastic beads that hurt when it hit you. Once I got older I figured my jump roping days were behind me. I do a group fitness class with a certified personal trainer. The fitness expert recently brought out jump ropes for my class. I had PTSD when I saw the rope and immediately thought about leaving the class. I was very surprised when the fitness expert went into detail on how to properly size a jump rope to your body. He went over weighted ropes and the benefits of a smaller, thinner cord. I tried all different lengths, materials and weights to pick the rope that worked for me. I felt a little like Harry Potter picking out a magic wand. After I chose my rope I learned how to hold it and properly jump. Little hops and proper breathing turned out to be key. The fitness expert went into how to jump without adding a little hop in between. He also got us hopping with feet together, one foot at a time and running with the rope. I know coming up I am going to learn the double jump, turning with the rope and doing kicks. I actually am excited for this jump rope unit.

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