The control device had Alzheimer’s.

It was funny when I heard my dad say that the seasoned control device had Alzheimer’s.

I wondered what was wrong with the furnace when I visited a couple of afternoons earlier. It aggravated me to guess about them being in a apartment where the furnace wasn’t working. I knew that it was going to be below freezing that evening, plus I still left my mom plus dad in a apartment without heat. My dad told me that everything was going to be fine. He was smiling plus so was mom. I left, wondering if I shouldn’t call the Heating plus Air Conditioning company plus have them come out plus look at the furnace. When I got home, I said something to my wife. I told her how chilly it was in the house, plus I asked if she thought I should call the Heating plus Air Conditioning company. She reminded me that my mom plus dad were very independent plus very competent. They could take care of themselves. She also said that if there was something seriously wrong with the furnace, that my dad could fix it. I guess my wife had more faith in my parents than I had. I called dad the next day plus asked if they were all right. He told me he plus mom were great plus they would have the heating concern repaired by early day. That’s when he said it was the control device plus it had Alzheimer’s. He said he retired the seasoned control unit, plus he was waiting for the Heating plus Air Conditioning specialist to arrive. He was going to have a Smart Thermostat installed.


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