The chair I love actually broke

Approximately five years ago, I located the most wonderful loveseat for me… It is a leather couch in the color of seafoam green… Admittedly, it is a very uncommon color, but I fell for it, bought it, and still enjoy my leather couch.

Regrettably, it has been tough finding other furniture pieces to go in my small living room space that both fit the area and look fantastic with the leather couch.

That’s essentially why I was so gleeful about two years ago to locate this excellent swivel gray leather living area chair. The color was so similar to the leather couch’s color that it was virtually impossible to tell they were not the same. Not to mention the chair was a fantastic size for the area and had the look of High end furniture, just like my couch. I have been cheerful with it except for one thing; it swivels all the way around all the time and therefore faces the wrong way often! I just couldn’t get that high end furniture to stop swirling around something like an ice cream cone! Anyway, I lived with it and it wasn’t too awful, but all of a sudden, about two weeks ago, I started hearing a weird noise when it would swivel. I couldn’t even figure it out until one afternoon I noticed the chair was totally wobbly. Then, I sat in it and the chair fell right off the metal swivel base. The swiveling was easily cutting into the bar and base a little at a time and it eventually gave out! Now I am seeking more leather chairs and am considering getting custom built furniture.

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