Can I talk to the HVAC technician who will come to my house?

His dad told him to keep an eye on the guy and he would pay him a dollar

When I called to have my furnace serviced, I made an odd request. I wanted to talk to the HVAC technician who would come to my house. My daughter had a lot of lung issues that the doctor said she could outgrow, but until then we were being very careful. I didn’t want her lung issues to become a chronic issue that would shorten her life span. When the HVAC technician called, he told me his name and asked if I had any special requests? I asked if he was a smoker, and he told me no. He said he was allergic to cigarette smoke, and no one even allowed to smoke unless they were in the front yard away from the house. I asked him if he had any children. I heard him hesitate before answering. He said he had none of his own, but he loved his nieces and nephews. He wanted to be married before he had any kids, and he wasn’t even dating. I was happy with the answers I got and I said I was looking forward to him arriving the next day. My son was happy the HVAC technician was going to be there. His dad told him to keep an eye on the guy and he would pay him a dollar. I just wanted to get the furnace serviced, so I knew it would be safe to use this winter. I wasn’t sure what the verdict would be from the HVAC technician, but my husband and I would deal with it. Even if he said we needed a new HVAC system, we were prepared for anything.

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