High-velocity system provides heating as well as cooling for older home

Because my home was built during the late 1730s, we’ve dealt with some particular troubles. The windows were all single-pane, double-hung as well as leaked a tremendous amount of air. Over the years, we’ve updated them with thermal-pane, low E, Energy Star rated windows. We’ve carefully caulked around them as well as weatherstripped all of the doors. There was initially no insulation in the walls, ceilings or attic as well as approximately one power outlet in each room. We’ve needed to bring the wiring up to code, install a new electrical panel as well as update all of the galvanized pipes of the plumbing system. One of our biggest challenges was the lack of conventional air duct. All of us were unwilling to deal with the mess, large investment as well as loss of space caused by installing a duct system. Plus, most of our walls were too narrow to accommodate the pipes. For a while, both of us tried to get by with a combination of electric baseboard heaters, a wood stove, window cooling systems as well as box fans. The variety of heating as well as cooling units looked ugly as well as couldn’t manage ideal comfort. The home was warm in the summer time as well as frosty in the winter. All of us were entirely ecstatic when he heard about high-velocity heating as well as cooling. This type of temperature control device was developed particularally to retrofit into older homes without damage. The system makes use of versatile, mini-ducts that are only more than one-inches in diameter as well as can be snaked through existing walls. The heating/cooling component is compact enough to install into a closet. The system uses a process of aspiration to give conditioned air at a honestly high rate of speed.
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