I was ready to call it a night when it got cold

One of my friends talked me into going ice fishing last weekend.

  • The guy said the best time of the day to go ice fishing is at night, because the fish are more active.

We waited until dark and then I headed out to the lake. My associate already had a location set up and ready for us, so I did not have to sit around and wait for him to break through the ice. It was seriously frosty outside. It was in the single digits and the wind chill was even worse. My hands and my face were chilly and cold. There was no heat at all out there on the ice. I looked around and there were some people in fishing shacks. I could see smoke or steam coming out of the shacks. I knew they were enjoying heat in those locations. Jack and I caught a couple of really big fish right in the start when the people I was with and I first arrived, however the people I was with and I did not have another bite for multiple minutes. During that time, I was bored and exhausted. I wanted to go beach house and hot up in front of the fireplace. That said that I was acting love I was spoiled. When the temperature dropped down to 0° at 3:00 a.m., I told my neighbor that I was going to walk back to my truck and go home. He stayed there when I left and I suppose he fished until the sunlight came up. It was way too frosty for me to stay out there without heat. If the people I was with and I would have had a heated shack, I might have felt differently.

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