I was told that an Heating & Air Conditioning worker didn’t need to be certified, however it was recommended.

I started working for an Heating & Air Conditioning dealer before I finished our Heating & Air Conditioning classwork.

I knew I wanted to be an Heating & Air Conditioning worker when I was young, & our aunt was kind enough to hire me.

He helped me get into Heating & Air Conditioning training. I was sleepy of going to school & I wasn’t sure I wanted to go to the certification course. My aunt told me that certification wasn’t a necessity, however it was highly recommended. Without the certification, more than 2 people won’t get hired. Companies count on their Heating & Air Conditioning worker being certified because it decreases the cost of their liability insurance. Certification is appreciate getting your diploma. It lets people guess you have finished the course & are proficient in what you do. Without the certification, there is no way to guess if you completed the Heating & Air Conditioning course. I was getting hired by the Heating & Air Conditioning dealer, however they wouldn’t let me go any further than our apprenticeship until I took the certification class & passed the test. He left the ball in our court. I could be nothing more than a glorified tool carrier for a certified Heating & Air Conditioning worker, or I could take the certification classes. I had to guess about going back to Heating & Air Conditioning school & getting the certification, because I wasn’t prepared to go back to school. I also wanted to be an Heating & Air Conditioning worker, so I signed up for the certification class. My aunt was content when I told him I was taking the classes. He said he was glad now that I was getting certified.


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