I worried we may need a new furnace.

Even though the HVAC technician hadn’t yet been to the house to service the furnace, I needed to have it run.

We had already had three nights when the temperatures were near freezing.

I didn’t want my family to be uncomfortable or get sick. My husband turned on the furnace, which made me worry. I could hear some odd noises coming out of the furnace, but we hoped it was just because it hadn’t been used in six months. My husband changed the air filter before he turned it on, and cleaned the fuel nozzle. He said he was afraid it needed a new fuel nozzle, but when he saw the date when the furnace was installed, he winced. He said our furnace was almost twenty years old, and we had to be prepared if the HVAC told us we needed a new furnace this year. We hoped the need for a new furnace would be in one or more years, but we weren’t sure. When the HVAC technician finally arrived, he called an hour ahead of time to make sure the furnace wasn’t running. He said he would be there by noon to do the servicing. My husband turned off the furnace as the HVAC technician requested. It took him about an hour, but he said the furnace should be good for this year. He also said to be prepared for the possibility of having a new furnace installed next year. Several small repairs had already been done, and said if anything happened, we should request he come out to fix it.


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