It would thrill our family to have an Heating & Air Conditioning worker in the family.

Mom & Mom were getting older, & I wanted to do something for them.

I knew they were having monetary difficulties, & I wanted to help solve their problems.

I went to school for Heating & Air Conditioning when I graduated from school & I started working at the local Heating & Air Conditioning dealer upon graduation, & getting our certification. When I realized how I could help them by doing all their Heating & Air Conditioning work. When they needed a new furnace, I could get it for them at cost & do all the work to save them money. I knew there were more than 2 other things I could do for our parents now that I had a great task with task security. When mom was telling me Mom wasn’t doing well, & he was worried about losing their home, I gave to move from the beach house & come home. My fiance agreed to move into the beach house with me. All of us had a big beach house with more than 2 bedrooms & three bathrooms. It would be plenty large enough for mom & Mom, us, & our little a single that would be born in three months. I made enough money to run the beach house & take care of all of us. My Mom acted appreciate I was taking over his home, however I could tell he was grateful. The more he grumbled, the more he asked to make sure I was doing the right thing for our family. I told him I was closer to the Heating & Air Conditioning dealer & our baby would guess his Grandparents. How much better could it be?

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