Mark it on the calendar. The owner is retiring.

When I walked into work, there were flyers inside everyone’s locker.

It had a big HUSH at the top of the page.

It said to mark the date on the calendar. The owner is retiring. The dispatcher was the secretary to the HVAC company owner, and she was planning a party for the owner. I was excited for him, but I was also concerned about who was going to take over. His son was a jerk and would ruin the company. I wondered if he was going to offer the company to one of the HVAC techs. I knew I wouldn’t take the position, but I also knew there were some of the other HVAC techs who would want it. The other worry was if he would sell the company to another HVAC company owner, or just close it up. You would think if that were an option, he would have already said something. I knew we were going to need to wait until the retirement party for him to announce what was going to happen. When the boss asked me into the office, I thought nothing of his retirement. Normally, if he called me in, it was because he had another trainee, and he wanted me to oversee their apprenticeship. I walked in, expecting to see a new HVAC recruit. I saw his daughter sitting in the other chair, and he roughly introduced us. He said his daughter had been working for another HVAC company and he was considering putting her in as the new company owner. He asked if I would be interested in being co-owner and working with her? I had no answer, because this wasn’t a twist I had expected.


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